Howden supplies turbo compressors to Frankfurt wastewater treatment plant Niederrad

Tuesday, 19 July 2022




Howden has signed a contract to supply turbo compressors for the sewage treatment plant Niederrad that is responsible for cleaning water for over 750,000 people based in Frankfurt, Germany.

Howden’s site in Frankenthal, Germany will supply nine of its KA22SV-GL225 blowers with sensor technology, corresponding controls and acoustic bonnet, Howden Uptime enabled as well as witness and full performance testing. Howden will also provide after-market repair services as required.

Howden has provided aeration technology to the plant for more than 20 years and has extensive experience providing solutions for the plant’s unique performance and efficiency requirements. The equipment is fit with Dual Point Control™ technology, pioneered by Howden, which brings operational efficiencies by combining inlet guide vanes and diffuser vanes in the turbo compressors to ensure the highest efficiency performance of our KA units envelope and the best efficiency available at full turndown, optimising the lifetime cost of the blowers.

ARA Niederrad required specific turbo compressors to correspond with its existing process control systems and due to our history with the company and knowledge of its operations, we were able to provide efficient and effective blowers that met all of their performance needs.

Howden’s HV-Turbo compressors deliver industry leading efficiency, with advanced mechanical and aero-dynamic design and cutting edge control system.  Each customised KA turbo compressor is uniquely made to fit with a plant’s specifications, thereby consuming significantly less energy compared to other compressor designs. The high quality turbo compressor components ensure long-term reliability and minimum maintenance.

Feilim Coyle, Vice President of Global Aftermarket at Howden and leading the company’s Global Wastewater Strategy

Howden provides high efficiency blowers and innovative digital solutions for advanced, efficient smart aeration systems to support wastewater treatment. A well-designed aeration system has a direct impact on wastewater treatment, reducing the length the process takes, increasing energy efficiency, and cutting costs. Howden's range of high-efficiency blowers perform the critical functions required to manage effluent from municipal sewage systems and from many industrial processes.

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Howden supplies turbo compressors to Frankfurt wastewater treatment plant Niederrad


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