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Thursday, 28 July 2022




Howden are pleased to announce that we have recently welcomed three S5 students through the Nuffield Research Placements (NRP) programme to Howden. 

The NRP programme provides students with the opportunity to take part in hands-on and engaging research projects. When being presented with this offer, we were motivated to provide students with the opportunity to be involved in making meaningful contributions to the work we do here at Howden. 

Throughout their 2 weeks with us, they have gained real-world experience through working in interesting and rewarding research projects. We hope by providing the students with meaningful work, they have found valuable insights to the careers available here at Howden, and learned new skills that will follow them throughout their future.

The NRP programme is an incredible initiative that matched over 1000 students to work placements in 2021, with 190 organisations being involved during that time. Howden are proud to belong to this group and it is our belief that we have been able to provide students with a valuable experience as a leading global provider of air and gas handling products.

We would like to wish our student placements all the best for the future and we hope that they have enjoyed their time with us. Howden looks forward to welcoming new Nuffield Students in the summer of 2023.


To find out more about what the students learned from their time with Howden, please read down below to see what they had to say:

Cherish Adebayo-Omoaka – “I liked the different work schedules that Howden offered and it was interesting to see the different opportunities available (at Howden). Since starting, I have learned how JavaScript, HTML AND CSS can be used to program a working and interactive web-page. This has benefited my future career as I am confident in my degree choice and I’m comforted in the knowledge that if I stick to it there is a career path for me”.

Jack Reid – “I have enjoyed getting to see the factory at Howden and learning about how each aspect of the compressor is created and repaired along with the alignment of screw compressors. This has (work placement) shown to me other pathways I can take for electrical and electronic engineering as I have learned about degree apprenticeships as opposed to going straight to University. I feel confident that I want to pursue engineering as a career”.

Farida Nimale – “I have enjoyed learning about Howden and seeing how it operates, as well as being able to do independent research. At Howden, I have learned about different welding techniques and processes, and the benefits of using Howden’s welding machines as well as problems of the welding machines. This (work placement) has helped me stay motivated to learn more about my future career and made me aware about what skills are required to achieve my career”

To learn more about the NRP programme please click here

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