Howden Feature in the 2022 EIC Survive & Thrive Insight Report

Tuesday, 12 July 2022




EIC Survive and Thrive, p80: Howden: a key innovator in the energy transition

The sixth edition of Survive & Thrive report provides insights on the state of the energy industry based on the findings of 63 interviews with CEOs and senior executives of energy companies from around the world. The report covers the industry’s supply chain in sectors ranging from oil and gas to power and renewables.

Howden has been a long standing member of the Energy Industries Council (EIC) and has featured in this year’s Survive & Thrive Report. Massimo Bizzi, Howden’s Chief Operating Officer, has shared our own experience of the market conditions within the last 12 months, as well as our performance within the year. This report has given Howden the opportunity to share our key focus areas for investment, product innovation, and projects that are enabling and supporting our customers through the energy transition. Massimo also shares our own business commitments to lower our carbon footprint and meet energy transition targets through our newly launched global ESG Strategy.

Overall, this year’s report focuses on investment and innovation, specifically on diversification and accelerating the energy transition over the past two years. Just a few years ago—when the energy industry was concerned with diversification, transition, and efficiency—no one could have foreseen that energy companies would turn again to the longer-term investment in innovative solutions. But this change comes with a twist; unlike previous years, much of the innovation in 2022 is going to oil and gas.

Find out more about Howden’s journey on p80 and where we share expertise and insight in a constantly changing market.

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Latest News


Effective today, Howden is now part of Chart Industries, Inc.


Howden wins ‘Hydrogen Technology of the Year’ at the Hydrogen Future Awards.


Howden has released an update on its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) progress.


Howden recognised as a 2023 Top Employer in South Africa.


Howden to install ventilation optimisation system for Gold Fields South Deep gold mine


Howden’s steam turbine will optimise the steam supply to produce electricity to bring cost and energy efficiencies into their critical process.

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