Howden secures extension of CHP service contract from Multiplex Services Europe Ltd, FM provider at Peterborough City Hospital.

Thursday, 16 December 2021





Howden recently secured a new order to extend an existing service contract for the maintenance of a Combined Heat & Power (CHP) unit at Peterborough City Hospital.

The CHP package was designed and built by one of Howden’s recently acquired brands, Peter Brotherhood, in 2010 and delivers 607 kW of electricity and 842 kW of heat to the hospital. The unit operates 17 hours per day, all year round, and is a vital asset for the hospital.

The Howden team has decades of experience in providing world-class Peter Brotherhood CHP systems to reduce on-site energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions in the UK.

Peterborough City Hospital are just one of several hospitals around the UK with CHP units where we provide support with CHP maintenance.

The team at Howden have built a good relationship with the customer over the years, providing an excellent level of service to support the operation of the equipment.

The CHP system is equipped with 24/7 condition monitoring to ensure optimum performance and maximum financial benefit to the customer. In the event of a critical alarm, a remote diagnostic response will be carried out within 1 hour and if necessary, an engineer will be on-site within 4 hours.

Our comprehensive maintenance contract provides full service for both scheduled and unscheduled outages. All necessary engineering and consumable spare parts are included, and the operating and reporting process ensures minimum cost for all maintenance activities.

Howden was awarded the 3-year extended service contract. Many of our engineers have over 20 years of expertise in CHP systems, providing around the clock support, they are dedicated to solving customers’ problems and reducing downtime.

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Howden recently secured a new order to extend an existing service contract for the Combined Heat & Power (CHP) unit at Peterborough City Hospital.


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