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In an industry where safety and availability are essential, Howden high efficiency compressors, blowers, cooling and centrifugal fans are the natural choice for air and gas handling.

The natural gas industry is facing enormous, and growing, challenges. Increasing demand, both across the American continent and overseas, is driving up production levels. Reliable, robust supply has never been more important.

That supply relies absolutely on the equipment used at each stage of the process. From production, through treatment and storage, to transport and delivery, every link in the chain has its own requirements. Across widely varying climates and geographies, each part of the process carries unique challenges. These are challenges that Howden is uniquely placed to meet.

Exceptional technology

We are the company that developed screw compressors and brought them into commercial use, and we still operate the world's most advanced centre of excellence for screw compressor technology. We have pushed the limits of efficiency and control with our variable pitch ranges of axial fans. We developed the Free Floating Piston concept that dramatically reduces maintenance requirements in reciprocating compressors. In Howden, a philosophy of continual improvement of products and services is a way of life.

LNG and Natural Gas ship Howden

LNG Expertise

Since the earliest days of the LNG industry, we have been the supplier of screw compressors, reciprocating compressors, axial fans and centrifugal fans for virtually every part of the process. We can supply a range of technologies, from bare shaft equipment to complex, state of the art skid mounted packages and complete ventilation-on-demand systems. The vast majority of our products are custom designed and engineered precisely for the applications and duties in which they will be used.

Our comprehensive understanding of the technology of LNG production, and the geographies and geologies in which it takes place, enables us to deliver the performance required, in precisely the right form, for each individual plant operator and situation.

Exceptional commitment

Every product we supply comes with an unequivocal commitment to lifetime support, spare parts, service and advice. We retain all production drawings so that any new parts for custom built equipment are manufactured using the original drawings and specifi cation. And, as a truly global company, with bases in 28 countries spread across every continent, we are agile and responsive. When required, we can be with you, on site and solving problems, remarkably quickly.

These are the reasons why so much Howden equipment is currently in round the clock operation, in some of the world's most challenging environments. When reliability is paramount, we are the supplier of choice.

We believe in our products, and in their capacity to provide long-term, high value service. Our after sales support is dedicated to maintaining, and where possible enhancing, product performance and extending their working life. We are committed to delivering confidence, security and complete peace of mind to every Howden customer.

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