Renewables and power to gas


Howden products and services offer the best long-term value across a wide range of renewable sector applications, ensuring consistent, safe and efficient site output

Renewable energy is a fast growing sector where production and treatment processes are constantly improving. Changes in unit capacities and processes result in new challenges for operators, energy companies and plant designers. Howden have a complete set of solutions for every situation, and  experience in gas handling solutions.

Our solutions integrate renewable energy production, treatment, distribution and conversion units.  

Our blowers gather landfill gases for collection and transfer to treatment units. Our fans, blowers or screw compressor collect biogas generated in anaerobic digesters. 
Howden heaters, draught fans and air fans are used to increase efficiency of biomass, wood and waste boilers.

Screw compressor feed biogas treatment units while bio-methane screw compressors deliver gas to the grid or gas turbines to the appropriate pressure.

Howden fans extract residual gases from process capacities and ensure buildings ventilation and aeration. Cooling fans are used in HVAC and for refrigeration applications

The amount of renewable energy generated from solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower can be higher than the quantity required by the grid therefore off grid electricity is converted to hydrogen via electrolysers. Our compression solutions cover Power to gas applications, like H2 high pressure capacity filling for distribution and dispensing solutions mainly for mobility projects. In dispensing stations for Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCV) and Heavy Mobility Equipments HME, compressors deliver high to very high pressures to fill vehicle tanks. 

H2 is transported and distributed to industries or used as clean fuel.

Comprehensive, Customized Services

Howden owns a set of fluid handling technologies covering ventilation, compression and heat transfer. Howden brought solutions to many specific challenge met in renewable industry processes

Bespoke Packages

Every project has different specific needs and operating conditions. Our ability to deliver custom-design solutions is extremely valuable. Whether supplied as a stand-alone unit or a complete package, our productss are designed to match the rigors of its environment as well as its specific task, and engineered to offer continuous uninterrupted operations.

In-House Expertise

Howden engineering teams and field engineers have access to our 160 years of learning, meaning we can offer our expertise at every step of the process from product selection to ongoing support. Our world organisation provide local responsive support to end users and customers.

  • Anaerobic digesters


    Biogas production in anaerobic digesters. Compressor and blower for gas collection from digester


    • Screw compressors, Single stage blowers
  • Direct Heat and Power CHP


    Direct Heat and Power CHP : Electricity-Fuel gas.  In site power plant equipments compress the feed gas for the turbines to the appropriate pressure.


    • Oil injected screw compressors, Oil-free screw compressors
  • Landfill gas movement : Gas gathering


    Gas contains methane and carbon dioxide. Landfill gas is collected and sent to the gas treatment unit.


    • Lobe Blowers
  • Gas treatment plant


    If biomethane is being fed to grid there may be a requirement for a biomethane compressor


    • Screw compressors, Piston
  • CNGV Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle


    BioMethane Compressed gas – vehicle fuel & distribution.


    • Piston
  • Biogas treatment PSA


    The biogas is first compressed, then cooled and desulphurized. A large plant may have 2 stages of biogas compression (up to 3 units – up to 11 bar).


    • Screw compressors
  • HPWS High Pressure Water Scrubbing


    Typically there will be 2 biogas compressors feeding the absorption column. If biomethane is being fed to grid there may be a requirement for a biomethane compressor


  • Biogas treatment


    Membrane separation 1 or 2 compressor according to capacity


  • Ethanol to Gasoline (ETG)


    H2 Compressors for process


    • Piston API618
  • Heaters for biomass / wood / waste boiler


    • Heaters
  • Power to gas


    H2 is injected in city gas network. Pipeline injection compressors. 


    • Oil-free screw compressors
  • Ships


    Residual fuel cells


    • Diaphragm
  • Gaseous H2 bottling & truck filling


    Storage transportation and distribution.


    • Diaphragm
  • Storage


    Storage compressors,  High pressure diaphragm compressors and Hybrids.


    • Hyprids
  • Feed gas for the turbines


    In site power plant equipments compress the feed gas for the turbines to the appropriate pressure.


    • Oil injected screw compressors, Oil-free screw compressors
  • Mobility


    H2 Dispensers for FCV Fuel Cells Vehicle.


    • Diaphragm
  • HME Heavy Mobility Equipments


    H2 tank compressor. Fuel cells


    • Diaphragm
  • Ethanol process


    Ethanol process and fuel fans


    • Cooling fans, Centrifugal fans
  • Anaerobic digesters


    Exhaust air


    • Fans
  • Wave energy


    Shorebased wave systems (Wells turbines)


    • Centrifugal Fans
  • Forced draught fans


    Forced draught fans move ambient air at low pressure through the air preheater to provide heated oxygen for the combustion process.


    • Fans
  • Induced draught fans


    Induced draught fans are vital in maintaining furnace pressure at just below atmospheric pressure. They draw the flue gases out of the boiler into the air preheater.


    • Fans
  • Primary air fans


    Primary air fans are used to move air through the air preheater in coal and biomass fuelled stations. The size and configuration of the fan depends on the temperature of the primary air.


    • Fans
  • Secondary air fans


    Secondary air fans feed into the boiler combustion chamber at a higher point than the primary air to promote more complete combustion.


    • Fans
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