Hydrogen fuel cell


Howden has developed a range of compressors to facilitate the refuelling of FCEV's

The market for hydrogen FCEVs (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles) is developing rapidly, as hydrogen is the only currently available solution for long-range mobility in the future. Howden, a company with over 100 years of experience in compression of hydrogen, has developed a range of products to facilitate the re-fuelling of FCEV's.

The hydrogen Fuel Cell process begins with the electrolysis of water, preferably by use of renewable energy. The pressure of the hydrogen is usually around about 10-30 bar, depending on the electrolysis-method used (PEM or Alkaline), which needs to be raised for the next stage in the process. Forklifts and busses require 350 bar in the on-board storage tank, passenger cars require 700 bar on-board. This means that, to be able to re-fuel in under 3 minutes, the hydrogen needs to be brought to 500 bar or 1000 bar respectively. Our Burton Corblin® diaphragm compressors are designed for this stage of the operation and will pressurise the hydrogen prior to high pressure storage on-site or transport to the refueling stations.


Fuel Cell

Compressors for hydrogen fuel cells

Howden has used its 100+ years of experience in hydrogen compression to find a solution to deliver pure hydrogen at 100 MPa.

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Diaphragm Comp

Diaphragm Compressors

Howden produces Burton Corblin diaphragm compressors for the worldwide market.

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