Combined cycle power


Crucial products in both thermodynamic cycles  of a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine plant (CCGT)

Gas Turbine
Gas Turbines are fed with fuel gas from pipelines. The gas needs to be delivered at a constant and stable pressure for reliable and efficient power generation. Howden offers different compressor technologies to meet your requirements and ensure efficient and reliable operation of the gas turbine.

Steam Power Plant
The hot exhaust from the gas turbine powers a steam power plant and after driving a steam turbine, cooling fans are used to condense the steam into water. This helps to increase the pressure difference over the steam turbine, and positively influences the efficiency of the process.


Comprehensive, Customized Services

Every Howden product is backed by an absolute commitment to lifetime support and service that covers all spare parts, troubleshooting, scheduled maintenance and emergency response. We are dedicated to maintaining your plant at peak performance and, above all, keeping it in continuous production.

Bespoke Packages

Our extensive range of air and gas handling equipment are used in the most critical positions in the generating process. Howden has therefore been listening to the needs of the people in the industry to custom design each product to precisely match the individual specification and circumstances.

In-House Expertise

One of the most valuable advantages in working with Howden is that you can discuss your requirements with engineers who have a detailed understanding of the workings of power generating plants. You invest in a partnership that provides unrivalled global expertise in air and gas handling processes.

  • Site utilities/ Electricity - fuel gas boosting.

    Onsite power is often generated using gas turbines fuelled by gas from production processes.  Modern turbines have increasing high pressure feed gas requirements designed to optimise power output.  As available gas pressure is commonly lower than required it is boosted through a compressor prior to the turbine combustion chamber.

    • Centrifugal Compressors, Piston compressor, Oil injected screw compressors, Peripheral
  • Site utilities/ Electricity – turbine inlet air cooling

    Gas turbines used for power and compressor drivers can suffer from decreased power output as ambient temperatures increase.  A heat exchanger can be used to cool the inlet air down to the desired temperature via a mechanical refrigeration cycle.  The liquid refrigerant used is expanded at low pressure in an evaporator and the vapour is then compressed. Heat from the compressed refrigerant is then transferred through condensers back to the evaporator in a continuous cycle

    • Oil injected screw compressor
  • Steam Condensing

    Cooling fans are used to condense steam into water and help to increase the pressure difference over the steam turbine

    • Cooling Fans
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