Digital controls for tunnel ventilation systems

Tunnel Ventilation Digitalisation

Digitalisation is improving the way many industries control and optimize their assets. This is also true in transportation tunnels and Howden is a leader in the field.

Fans are fitted with multiple sensors allowing our Howden Uptime platform to seamlessly integrate related performance data. The system combines active inputs, such as temperature, pressure and vibration, with reference parameters from manuals, specifications and maintenance reports. When the data is analysed, it provides a unique foundation for maintaining and enhancing operational excellence.

Reference: Conway Tunnel, UK

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Ventsim CONTROL offers operators a full management system over ventilation. A scalable solution, it is at its most powerful when providing ventilation on demand, enabling ventilation to be optimised based on current conditions. Ventsim uses information such as traffic conditions, gas level or temperature to calculate the airflow requirement and regulate through the control of fans and louvres.


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