Tunnel Ventilation

As a leading provider of air and gas handling equipment to critical process industries, Howden has always had a focus on high performance where reliability and safety matters.

Within the area of underground transport systems this remains a key driver as the provision of air through ventilation systems is critical to providing a safe environment for both travellers and transport workers.

Howden has developed its solution approach to all tunnelling projects from road to rail to ensure industry leading performance you can rely on. Our expertise starts at concept enabling the optimisation of system design and continues throughout the lifetime of operation using leading modelling, fan and digital technology to deliver a truly end-to-end solution.




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Fans designed and built to the highest standards ensuring safety and reliability long-term

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Flexible fan range to optimally meet conditions of each tunnel

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High efficiency fans delivering best performance at lowest operational cost


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Fully scoped systems using design and simulation models

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Complete system solution and delivery reducing project complexity and costs

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Optimised operation via digital control and monitoring technology


Tunnel Ventilation news

Absolute reliability for the safe supply of air in tunnels

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Comprehensive set of tools to deliver ventilation projects

Ventilation systems

Howden’s solutions for tunnel ventilation involves three distinct elements with software aiding design and simulation, fans providing critical air and digital technology giving operational insight and control. Explore these elements further below.

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