Howden solutions are at the core of infrastucture projects all over the world

Our rotating equipment is used in major infrastructure projects where reliability and performance are required to supply essential services. The earliest Howden innovations were for sea going vessels, providing engines with better efficiencies than ever before, and today we continue to innovate not only for the Marine industry but other important sectors. 


Key Industries



Fans and cooling systems optimised for the rolling stock / locomotives of the railway industry. Industrial fans for diesel and electric trains and trams.


Howden solutions have been found in sea going vessels since the early 20th Century - we continue to innovate with our EGR and ALS systems.

Transport vehicles

We have extensive experience ranging from large transportation projects systems, like mass transit systems in cities, to specific projects such as transportation bulk trailers and trucks

Tunnel ventilation

In road and rail tunnels where passenger safety and comfort is essential, it is important to plan the ventilation system carefully.

Wind tunnels

Wind tunnels are essential to measure the aerodynamic effectiveness of objects.

Wastewater treatment

Wastewater treatment is required to manage effluent from municipal sewage systems and from many industrial processes where liquid organic effluents are produced as a by-product

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