Essential fans to complement the type of furnace being used

In the Basic Oxygen Furnace, dust control is provided by a induced draught waste-gas fan or a Basic Oxygen Steelmaking (BOS) fan. The gases need to be cleaned through drawing the gases through a dust removal system and wet scrubber.

In the electric arc furnace (EAF), oxygen injection or an ore charge may be used as the principal source for refining oxygen. The off gases are cooled in a primary cooler helped by cooler exhaust fans, and then cleaned in a dust removal system by utilizing main Induced draught waste gas fans.



Comprehensive, Customized Services

Every Howden product is backed by an absolute commitment to lifetime support and service that covers all spare parts, troubleshooting, scheduled maintenance and emergency response. We are dedicated to maintaining your plant at peak performance and, above all, keeping it in continuous production.

Bespoke Packages

Some of today's most arduous applications for Howden products are found in the iron and steel industry. The need to move large volumes of air or gas, in many cases at high pressures and high dust burdens, places stringent demands on the mechanical design of the impeller.

In-House Expertise

Our fans are highly efficient designs, reducing power consumption in an energy intensive industry while operating in high temperature and erosive environments. Our extensive experience in each application enables us to provide equipment of great reliability with the consequent reduction of unplanned outages.

  • Waste-gas fan

    Induced draught fan, or BOS fan, to remove and clean waste gases from the Basic Oxygen Steelmaking process, sometimes helped by gas booster fans.

  • Cooler exhaust fan

    Booster fan to draw waste gases through the primary waste gas cooler.

  • Main fans

    Induced draught fan or de-dusting fan to remove and clean waste gases from the EAF process.

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