Direct Reduced Iron


The direct reduction process drives off the oxygen in order to convert the ore, utilizing gas, coal, or oil as fuel

Shaft furnace
Blowers are used in the process to supply combustion air into the reformers and a process gas compressors, seal gas compressor, and  a cooling gas compressor are required to help circulating the process gas in the system.

Rotary kiln furnace
In a rotary kiln furnace combustion air is supplied into the combustion chamber by a forced draught fan. The waste gases are utilized to heat a boiler, and a waste gas induced draught fan draws the hot gases through the waste gas boiler and electrostatic participator before releasing them to the atmosphere.


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  • Main air blower

    To supply combustion air into the reformers

  • Cooling gas compressor

  • Process gas compressor

  • Seal gas compressor

  • Forced draught fan

    To supply combustion air into the burning chamber of the rotary kiln process.

  • Induced draught fan

    To draw the waste gases through the waste heat boiler and electrostatic participator.

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