Refrigeration (food and beverage)


Howden compressors are integral to refrigeration systems across the world

​Howden compressors are at the heart of many refrigeration plants, particularly large installations and those that have demanding or special requirements.  Our compressors are part of the refrigeration cycle used to supply cooling for freezing tunnels, climate chambers, ice machines and onsite cold storage or any process requiring low temperatures during production.

Multiple food and beverage processing segments from meat, fish and dairy products to beer and chocolate have a need for refrigeration as well as the vast distribution networks the world over which rely on Howden equipment to ensure reliable continued service.


Comprehensive, Customized Services

With a wide range of compressors capable of processing any refrigerant and valuable options to enhance control and efficiency, Howden is a leading provider of compression solutions. This is backed up by quality spares and service to maximize long term operation.

Local Packaging

Howden has a network of trusted partners worldwide who design and build refrigeration packages with the Howden compressor at its heart. This combines quality OEM product with localized focus and resources.

In-House Expertise

Howden is able to provide expert guidance in the selection of the right compressor for the required refrigeration duty and system.

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