Hydrogen Bottle Filling

High cleanliness level gas preservation

Large quantities of compressed hydrogen can be delivered to different remote sites to serve a variety of applications via tube trailers or even manifolded cylinder packs (MCPs). The tube trailer usually contains approximately 300 kg of hydrogen at a pressure of 180 to 250 bar. Hydrogen Manifolded Cylinder Packs (MCPs) are typically bundled together into packs comprising a number of hydrogen cylinders and their outlets manifolded together. MCPs can be delivered with wide range of pressures from 10 bar to 900 bar.

Howden Diaphragm compressors have been safely serving gas high pressure bottling solutions for decades. The technology prevents any gas contamination within a sealed compression chamber. This ideal solution, created by Howden, is widely used for compression with high cleanliness level gas preservation.


Diaphragm Compressors

Our Burton Corblin Diaphragm compressors are optmised for hydrogen handling and have been the leading technology in the market for decades.

Diaphragm Compressors


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