Gas production onshore


Consistent, safe and efficient field output in upstream gas applications 

​With growing global demand for gas as an energy source, operators are exploring and producing gas from offshore and onshore, conventional and unconventional reservoirs at an increasing rate.  Getting gas from the well, through the gathering network to the processing plant and into its final sales condition (piped natural gas or LNG) requires multiple processes using Howden technology.



Compressors used in transportation

Howden compressors are used either at the wellhead or at central compression stations to boost gas pressures for pipeline transportation. This plays an important role in maximising production.

Bespoke Packages

Power supply onsite is often provided by gas turbine generators. Howden products enhance the efficiency of gas turbine generators by boosting fuel gas and cooling inlet air.

In-House Expertise

Howden engineering teams and field engineers have access to over 160 years of knowledge, meaning we can offer our expertise at every step of the process from product selection to ongoing support. Our worldwide organisation provides local responsive support to end users and customers.

Natural Gas brochure

The natural gas value chain relies on availability and safety. We are a single source for LNG production, processing, transport and storage technology.


gas production map onshore
  • Wellhead gas boosting

    Low pressure or aging gas wells require compression for delivery of produced gas into higher pressured gas gathering or pipeline systems. Wellhead compressors are located near the wellhead and lower the field abandonment pressure thereby extending the productive life of the field.

    • Oil injected screw compressors
  • Field gathering gas boosting

    Gas is gathered from the network of wells in a field to compressor stations where the gas pressure is boosted for transportation via pipeline to processing plants.

    • Oil injected screw compressors
  • Site utilities/ Electricity - fuel gas boosting

    Onsite power is often generated using gas turbines fuelled by gas from production processes. Modern turbines have increasing high pressure feed gas requirements designed to optimise power output. As available gas pressure is commonly lower than required it is boosted through a compressor prior to the turbine combustion chamber.

    • Oil free screw compressors, Oil injected screw compressors
  • Site utilities/ Electricity – turbine inlet air cooling

    Gas turbines used for power and compressor drivers can suffer from decreased power output as ambient temperatures increase. A heat exchanger can be used to cool the inlet air down to the desired temperature via a mechanical refrigeration cycle. The liquid refrigerant used is expanded at low pressure in an evaporator and the vapour is then compressed. Heat from the compressed refrigerant is then transferred through condensers back to the evaporator in a continuous cycle.

    • Oil injected screw compressors
  • Gas treatment/Gas drying for transport

    Gas treatment/Gas drying for transport. PSA mole sieve bed regeneration compressor. (adsorption). Howden solutions are designed to handle various gas mixtures from different wells. Howden deliver reciprocating and peripheral compressor solutions packaged.

    • Peripheral, API618

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