Howden custom-designed fans and compressors are found at all of the most critical points throughout the nuclear industry

The nuclear power industry operates different nuclear processes to generate energy. Howden products are installed in Pressure Water Reactors (PWR), Advanced Gas-cooled Reactors (AGR), and in Pebble Bed Modular Reactors (PBMR). For PWR, we supply the fans associated with the various safety systems such as reactor building cooling in addition to other cooling and ventilation systems, and the completely leak tight diaphragm compressors for radioactive gas leak recovery. We designed and developed the CO2 circulators, or submerged blowers, that provide the heat transfer in the Advanced Gas-cooled Reactors (AGRs). 


Fans for the Nuclear industry

Our fans are used in the various safety systems such as reactor building cooling for the PWR plants. For reprocessing plants our specialized centrifugal fans are used for cell cooling and are again used in the decommissioning process for ventilation and cooling.

Compressors for the Nuclear industry

In PWR plants our completely leak tight diaphragm compressors are used for radioactive gas leak recovery as well as in the reprocessing plants for pressure testing. Howden's Burton Corblin® diaphragm compressors handle radioactive gases in their fully insulated compression chambers and serve nuclear power stations, laboratories and other applications where leakage is not an option.

In-House Expertise

We have supplied safety related fans for reactor building cooling as well as submerged gas circulators. Diaphragm compressors are supplied for radioactive gas scavenging. Howden continues to be a leader in the development of submerged helium blowers complete with high speed drives and magnetic bearings.

Over 50 years at the core of the nuclear industry

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  • Battery room exhaust

    Effective ventilation is an absolutely critical part of battery room operations. Any build-up of flammable vapours, combined with the presence of electrical equipment, creates a potentially explosive situation. Howden extractors provide constant, safe and completely reliable control of atmospheric conditions, using special acid proof coatings and safely isolated electrical connections.

  • Reactor cavity cooling

    To ensure the cooling down of the vessel and other structural materials during an accident scenario.

  • HVAC in Controlled areas

    In the controlled area the ventilation system provides fresh air, evacuation of exhaust air, air flow, heating, and cooling. Fans also ensure a constant negative pressure with respect to the outside atmosphere, so there is constant air flow from the local low level radioactivity into the potentially more radioactive areas.

  • Systems important for safety (IFS)

    Fans linked to the Important For Safety system are designed to operate under both normal conditions and accidental events. Reliability of design and manufacturing is assured by Howden's efficient and strict
    quality management system.

  • HVAC of conventional buildings

    Due to the capital cost and huge amount of loss of production, a nuclear power plant cannot afford to stop. Our fans meet the highest requirements of reliable design and quality to satisfy the operators' needs of
    continuous and safe production of electricity.

  • Submerged Helium Blowers

    These blowers are fully submerged in the process cooling gas, and provide the heat transfer in the advanced gas cooled reactors (AGR's)

    • Submerged Helium Blowers
  • Radioactive gas leak recovery

    PWR station: Radioactive gas leak recovery. Gas collected is compressed for storage.

    • Diaphragm compressor
  • Fuel enrichment

    Compressors for nuclear fuel conversion. Enrichment or treatment of nuclear fuels (SF6 / UF6 / F2).

    • Diaphragm compressor
  • Nuclear waste treatment

    Nuclear waste treatment. Diaphragm compressors for spent fuel reprocessing and recycling.

    • Diaphragm compressor
  • Cooling tower

    Howden cooling fans can form a key component of the cooling tower (where one exists).

    • Cooling fans
  • Auxillary systems

    PBMR Pebble Bed Modular Reactor. Gas cooled reactors Encapsulated blowers.

    • Blowers
  • Gas circulator

    PHWR Gas circulator Inert Moderate Cover gas

    • Diaphragm compressor
  • Industry membership



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