Point source capture

Capturing CO2 emissions at source

Point Source Capture is the process of capturing CO2 emissions before they are released into the atmosphere. Point source capture is key for hard to abate industries where there is currently no alternative to fossil fuels.

Howden supports post-combustion capture with our booster fans, GGHs and oxidation blowers.


Howden products used in Point Source Capture

Booster Fans

Booster fans create an efficient gas flow through environmental equipment to deplete it from harmful elements, and separate CO2 in the absorption process. Depending on the duty, this can be performed by Howden’s Centrifugal or Axial Fans.

Gas-gas heaters

Our regenerative gas-gas heaters (GGH) reduce the gas temperature to the FGD and Carbon Capture plants and reheat cleaned gas to the stack, reducing water usage and plume visibility, increasing buoyancy and providing a dry stack.

Oxidation blowers

An oxidation blower provides air for the oxidation process in the Flue-gas Desulfurisation (FGD) scrubber. This can be performed by Howden’s Turbo Blowers.

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