Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS)

Critical air and gas solutions for carbon capture

Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage has been identified as a key technology in addressing emissions, and according to the IEA could account for 20% of global GHG emissions reductions required.

Howden has a longstanding involvement in heavy industries looking towards large-scale carbon capture, including several demonstration projects. It has also extensive references in CO2 usage.  This combined with our proven technology portfolio and strong engineering expertise uniquely positions us to meet your needs at all stages of the CCUS value chain.


Key stages in the CCUS process

Point source

Point source capture

Howden Booster Fans, Gas Gas Heaters and Oxidation Blowers are used to capture CO2 emissions.

Direct Air Capture (DAC)

Direct Air Capture (DAC)

The process of capturing CO2 directly from the ambient air is facilitated by Howden low noise aerofoil blade axial fans.

separation and processing

CO2 separation and processing

Howden compressors and blowers are used to separate CO2 and prepare it for transport, storage and usage.


CO2 Transport

Howden has screw, reciprocating, and centrifugal compressor technologies to enable transporting CO2 via pipelines or ships, for sequestration underground or usage.


CO2 Storage

Howden compressors are used in the process of CO2 storage or sequestration by injecting the CO2 into rock formations deep underground for permanent storage.


CO2 Usage

Howden compressors are used in a wide range of industries that use CO2 such as mineralisation, food and chemicals and biological.


CCUS Solutions

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Existing presence and expertise supports CCUS

We have extensive expertise in handling hot flue gases through desulphurisation, denitrification and dedusting systems, and supplying heat exchangers to recover energy from waste streams to optimise efficiency. Our existing presence and expertise in the challenges of these hard to abate industries means that we can support you with the integration of CCUS technology into existing processes.

Tailored solutions for all CCUS technologies and sectors

We have a wide range of technologies for the different types of CCUS processes. We can handle different types of air and gas streams in the most efficient, and reliable method, engineered to the specific needs of your project.

Over 10 years involvement in fundamental CCUS research

Howden has been involved since the beginning of fundamental CCUS research and has provided collaborative support for associated universities in the development of carbon capture technology, and provided equipment for worldwide CCUS demonstration projects.

Innovative solutions for availability and reliability of CCUS operations

Where reliability and availability are critical, Howden’s digital solutions optimise equipment performance, reduce unplanned downtime and ensure safe and reliable operation of critical assets.

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