Energy and Renewables

Air and gas handling solutions to support a cleaner future

The world’s energy system is changing profoundly, with a shift towards electrification, and to generating that electricity from renewable sources and net zero emissions solutions. The intermittent character of wind and solar requires power system flexibility through energy storage, and sector couplings. Industries that are hard to electrify, require an alternative carbon free energy source like green hydrogen, bioenergy, or alternatively, through application of carbon capture technologies.

As a global leader in air and gas handling, steam turbines and hydrogen compression solutions, we support our customers with innovative solutions that make a cleaner and more sustainable future possible. These solutions range from hydrogen processing, renewable thermal energy, demand side energy efficiency improvements, through to carbon capture and storage.


Howden is dedicated to developing and delivering technology solutions to support our customers’ vital processes which in turn contribute to a more sustainable world.

Key Industries


Renewable Hydrogen

Providing safe and cost-effective hydrogen compression solutions across the Environmental Hydrogen value chain.

Carbon capture utilisation and storage CCUS

Critical air and gas solutions to support all stages of the carbon capture value chain.

Energy Recovery

Sustainable thermal solutions that support our customers in their energy transition.

Renewable Fuels

Howden equipment is supporting critical processes within Bioplants and HVO units producing Renewable Diesel and SAF from bio and waste sourced products.


Howden compressor technologies provide the best long-term value across a wide range of upstream oil and gas applications.


Liquid gas transport and storage often relates to vapor handling. Vapors are recovered and tanks are typically refrigerated by a refrigeration plant.


Supporting the transition to decarbonise and optimise the refining process.


Howden products are installed in Pressure Water Reactors (PWR), Advanced Gas-cooled Reactors (AGR), and in Pebble Bed Modular Reactors (PBMR).

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Sustainable cogeneration project in the sugar manufacturing industry


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