Ventsim™ DESIGN for Tunnels

Graphically rich 3D ventilation simulation software

Accurately model, design, evaluate, and optimize underground ventilation systems.


Import from planning packages such as CAD and BIM format. Ventsim™ DESIGN simulates the ventilation environment. Animated 3D graphics represent actual airway dimensions and shapes with animated airflows, making it easy to understand the ventilation network.

Ventsim DESIGN was established in the mining industry and, using the lessons learned from that sector, has been optimised for any all underground ventilation design. It is the ideal solution to plan your subway ventilation, underpass ventilation, or tunnel ventilation.

If you are looking for an accurate and cost-effective ventilation simulation package that offers a superb user-friendly, intuitive environment with excellent 3D graphics, you need look no further than Ventsim DESIGN

Shane Ambrosio, VOHE Solutions



To achieve a high standard of safety, accurate prediction of gas concentration is key. Using Ventsim DESIGN, engineers can accurately simulate airflow, heat, DPM, and gases based on ventilation equipment such as axial fans, jet fans or louvers, and current traffic.

Thanks to a visual easy to use interface, Ventsim DESIGN allows for accurate and fast design: leaving more time for an engineer to deliver an efficient design.

Ventsim DESIGN is the ideal tool to predict requirements, evaluate the different scenarios, and minimize capital and operational expenditures. When the time comes to review existing designs based on current traffic information, Ventsim can help optimize power consumption while keeping emissions low.

Licensed to over 2,000 sites around the world, Ventsim DESIGN is transforming ventilation design and optimization.
Two licensing levels available: Advanced and Premium.

Ventsim DESIGN Advanced

  • Full 3D modeling with smooth rotation, zoom, and pan
  • Real-time automation of airflow and fans
  • Airflow simulation and fan modelling
  • Basic contaminant spread, sourcing, and emergency simulation
  • Import centerlines and solids from other planning packages such as CAD and BIM format
  • Thermodynamic heat and moisture modelling, including Strata heat and moisture, Diesel heat and DPM emissions, Refrigeration and Electrical heat sources
  • Compressible airflows and self-adjusting fan curves
  • Financial analysis wizards
  • Recirculation predictor

Ventsim DESIGN Premium

  • All features of VentSim DESIGN Advanced
  • Radon simulation to predict worker exposure levels
  • VentLOGTM ventilation survey record software
  • VentFIRETM fire gas, heat, and airflow direction simulation
  • Simulate escape routing based on distance to closest refuge bay, smoke concentration, etc.
  • Simulate the piston effect, heat and emission due to traffic based on amount of vehicle, drag coefficient, speed, emissions, etc.

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