Ventsim™ DESIGN for Tunnels

Graphically rich 3D ventilation simulation software

Accurately model, design, evaluate, and optimize underground ventilation systems.


VentsimTM DESIGN capabilities:

  • Design and review your current design and optimize the ventilation and fan arrangement design
  • Simulate piston effect, heat, and gases due to different vehicles according to PIARC
  • Perform fire simulations at a fraction of the time/cost required for a CFD analysis, this analysis is compliant with the fire Marshalls or other AHJ’s



To achieve a high standard of safety, accurate prediction of gas concentrations and smoke during an emergency event is key. Using Ventsim DESIGN, engineers can accurately simulate airflow, heat and toxic gases and fumes during a fire event or during normal operation.


Thanks to a visual easy to use interface, Ventsim DESIGN allows for accurate and fast design: leaving more time for an engineer to deliver an efficient design.

Simulated types

Simulate and display over 70 different types of data in color, text and table:

  • Airflow
  • Pressure
  • Heat
  • Gases
  • Fire
  • Financials
  • DPM
  • Emergency scenarios

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