Ventsim™ Tunnel DESIGN

Optimised tunnel ventilation system design using accurate modelling and performance analysis

Ventsim™ Tunnel DESIGN addresses all aspects of road tunnel air flow management and emergency smoke extraction, while providing actionable insight and output to engineers working on tunnel ventilation.

Ventsim enables rapid development and testing of ventilation models:

  • Wide range of simulations to meet all tunnel operational design requirements
  • Built-in cost calculations for financial and performance analysis
  • High Integration with industry tools and datasheets
  • Highly visual and user-focused



With its integrated functionality, I have found the Ventsim software to be a valuable tool that allows me to provide early adoption of concepts, and create a visual representation for others to understand the overall dimension of the mine or tunnel works. I highly recommend it.

Michael Shearer, Ventilation Engineer

Transurban Case Study

Based on almost 30 years of active use within underground ventilation, the latest Ventsim™ Tunnel Design edition provides tunnel ventilation engineers, operators and academics with a unique tool for system development and testing.

Find out how one operator in Australia took advantage of its capabilities.

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