Solysmart - Expert fan supervision solution

Solysmart fan monitoring - an invaluable insight that can save you significant time and cost

Your fans are an essential part of your production processes, but they shouldn't be a time-consuming part of your working day. In an ideal world, they just keep running, reliably and taken for granted. But the gamble that everything's fine under the casing has high stakes. Such assumptions can be costly.

The Solysmart continual monitoring system is suitable for fans of all types. It will give you peace of mind about what's happening inside your fans, and provide an early warning of issues so that they can be dealt with before they become problems. It will help to keep your fans running at peak efficiency, reduce your total ownership costs and eliminate the costly consequences of lost production.

It's an investment that makes real economic sense, while offering peace of mind that your equipment is operating safely.


A fan monitoring system that will more than pay back its investment the first time it prevents an unscheduled stoppage.

The Solysmart fan monitor system

The Solysmart system allows an online and dedicated monitoring for each technology of fans.


A human machine interface clearly indicates not only the reading levels but the location of the sensor providing the information, so that a graphic overview of up to four fans is available at any time.

For each critical point in the fans, a threestate indicator lights up green when the situation is within normal limits, yellow to flag up a warning and red to indicate an alarm. The historic data recorder will show trends in condition and use, providing information that will be invaluable in pinpointing any damaging shocks that have initiated problems.

The Solysmart system is available for either single or three phase power supplies, and can be configured to use either an ethernet port or a 3G or 4G network to transmit data. We can also supply systems that are ATEX certified for use in explosive atmospheres.

Solysmart system for fan condition monitoring

The Solysmart monitor system is capable of continually monitoring many types of fans in real time.

Complete peace of mind in a single package.

The Solysmart system requires no specialist knowledge or expertise from your own maintenance technicians. It is a comprehensive and intuitive system, capable of continually monitoring your fans in real time, and providing a preselected level of alerts and warnings about all of the critical aspects of your fans condition and behaviour.

Potential problems such as erosion or fouling of the blades, overheating or oil leakage are closely scrutinised, and a full archive of the data is retained for analysis. Defects like blade imbalance or misalignment of couplings are flagged up immediately.

A comprehensive and intuitive monitoring system

Data from the sensors is assessed, in conjunction with the information contained in maintenance reports. This enables us to produce an accurate assessment of the condition of the compressor and provides a detailed and reliable basis on which to make decisions about the timing and scope of inspections and maintenance.

By connecting the operating data to the real-time performance and using our in-depth knowledge of compressor technology we create an accurate digital model of its future characteristics. This forms an invaluable guide to predicting the optimum moment for replacing parts, thus improving uptime.

Clear and simple touchscreen functionality

The outputs of the Solysmart sensors are presented on human-machine interface that uses a diagrammatic approach to indicate the status of the critical fan elements and flag up any urgent issues.

It also allows you to examine the historical data and investigate the trends and pattern that can offer invaluable information about future performance. The data can, if you choose, be securely transmitted to our remote monitoring site where we can carry out an expert analysis and recommend maintenance at the right time, neither too early nor too late.

We can also, at your request, carry out the necessary maintenance operations quickly and efficiently to minimise any impact on your production schedules.


Unscheduled production stoppages can be very costly

Mechanical coupling breakage

A mechanical coupling breakage in a cement plant can lead to a production stoppage of 5 days.

Production loss: 100 000€.

Oil leakage

An oil leakage in a glassware factory caused 10 days of degraded running.

Production loss: 150 000€.

Damaged equipment

An unforeseen impeller breakage in a glasswear factory can lead to potential workplace accidents.

A dedicated support team

Our specialist team of engineers is available to provide you with a range of services such as.

  • Training
  • Mechanical, acoustic and vibration measurements
  • Comprehensive diagnostics

To keep your fans at peak performance, we can provide on-site support that includes.

  • Inspection
  • Repairs
  • Spare parts
Solysmart digital solutions

A full featured intuitive interface

Solysmart digital solutions
  • Alerts can be displayed locally or in your control room.
  • Full data curves of historic fan performance are available.
  • Remote monitoring by our specialist team provides detailed diagnostics in real time.

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