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Empowering your screw compressor selection

​Benefitting from 160 years of engineering expertise, Howden Select is the screw compressor configuration software which allows you to create your own product selections.

Our customers have peace of mind in the knowledge that we will match our most efficient and economical screw compressor to your application. You can make selections in real time, making it an efficient way to generate results tailored to your needs.

You have unlimited access to our software, making it a convenient want to engage with our applications and sales teams.

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Quick Select

Don't have time to make a full product selection? Try our Quick Select function to generate a product selection in less than 2 minutes. After your Quick Select is completed, results can easily be upgraded to create a full project. The system provides a quick feasibility, where no project set up required, no gas set up required. Quick Select also provides our best and alternative recommendations, made specifically for WRV machines.


Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Markets Served

Markets served


Key applications include, but not limited to:

  • Vapour recompression
  • Gas gathering
  • Sour gas handling
  • Gas re-liquefaction
  • Flare gas recovery

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Online Enquiry Form Holger Knauf
Director Industrial Compression
+49 6233 85 2551

MVP Model Max Speed (RPM) Free Air CFM Free Air M3/hr Max vac ("HG) Max vac(mbar)
SL200 3100 2446 4157 28" HG 948 mbar Vac
SL300 2835 3988 6778 28" HG 948 mbar Vac

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