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For over 160 years we have developed innovative rotating equipment. We are the world's leading application engineer.

Now we have developed a revolutionary approach to offer you Performance on Demand. Working in partnership with the world leaders in IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) we are able to offer solutions that are, more than condition monitoring and more than data analysis, an all encompassing approach to optimise the performance of your equipment and processes to give you an advantage.

Our systems are designed to give you an invaluable insight into your rotating equipment, that can save you significant time and cost. From tools to help you design the optimum process, to those that will help you avoid costly outages by detecting early warning signs, right the way up to our fully automated systems which monitor, collate and analyse the data from your equipment before automatically making adjustments.

Our engineers have designed interfaces and apps for your engineers to use while working on their rotating equipment. Augmented reality solutions give the engineer an enhanced view of the equipment and it's place in the process, while key data and trends are presented in real-time so that performance can be fine tuned.


Maria Wilson's Data Driven Advantage Vlogs

Episode 1

Maria Wilson: "We in Howden are embarking on a truly exciting journey for digital transformation"

Episode 2

Maria Wilson: "In today's vlog I am going to continue the story of Uptime."

Episode 3

Maria Wilson: "For our third vlog, I'm going to talk about a couple of very exciting events."

Episode 4

Maria Wilson with an update on the incredible developments being made by our DDA team. 

Blog articles and webinars

Howden is laying the path of its digital transformation to further enhance our high performing, reliable products by leveraging world leading IoT technologies and our 160 years experience of designing rotating equipment to deliver Uptime - Smart connectivity for Performance Optimisation on Demand.

Graeme Russell will introduce you to this exciting IIoT development, and will show you key features and explain just how easy it is to get started,


The impact of digitalisation in the manufacturing space for air and gas handling markets

A free white paper from Dr. Maria Wilson


Howden Digital Software Solutions



Smart connectivity for optimising performance and providing a unique foundation for maintaining and enhancing operational excellence.

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VentSim DESIGN version 5 now includes our fan selection tool and allows manual control of your fans, along with all the great mapping features you would expect.

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A fully automated digital solution that offers smart control of your mines ventilation. Part of our Total Mine Ventilation Solution.

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A fan monitoring system that will more than pay back its investment the first time it prevents an unscheduled stoppage.

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Howden Mine Ventilation Solutions

Our range of software solutions for the mining industry are designed to help you design, control and automate the ventilation of your mine. VentSim is the world's leading mine mapping software, and now has been extended with Howden's mining optimisation software system to produce a fully automated ventilation control system. We are proud to offer this software in tandem with our range of mining fans to produce a Total Mine Ventilation Solution.

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Performance Monitoring Software

We have worked hard to produce some exciting software that can monitor your rotating equipment and we know you will be pleased with the results. Easy to install, our performance monitoring software will deliver results to our downloadable apps in minutes. Giving you real time access to performance information, our software ensures the longevity and safety of your equipment.

A digital advantage

Our systems are designed to gather a wealth of data regarding your rotating equipment. All this data is critical to understanding the behaviour of the products in your process. Through a partnership with Microsoft we have developed a solution which securely manages this data in the cloud, where it is processed using powerful analytics tools and monitored by Howden engineers.

What sets Howden applications apart from the rest is that we have used our 160 years of engineering expertise to develop a solution to bring the essential information and advice to your attention.

Our engineers have designed our products to be essential tools that are quick to point out pertinent information. Real time and historic data is used to create a digital twin of your equipment, allowing you to view the future of your product, providing pro-active notification of an issue so that action can be taken before it becomes critical.

Our software has been built using our rotating equipment expertise and knowledge.

Testing Studio

Screw Compressor Testing Studio

Howden have transformed the testing facility at its screw compressor manufacturing facility in Renfrew, Scotland. The upgrade introduces our digital solutions to a critical stage in a compressor journey and enhances the customer experience.

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Our Digital Solutions Partners

Howden announces partnership with OSIsoft.

Howden is pleased to announce that we have reached a partnership with OSIsoft. For over 30 years OSIsoft have been pioneers in the digital transformation of mines. Their expertise has included software for storing, managing and analysing real-time operational data. By partnering with OSIsoft, Howden will be in a better position to serve our customers in the mining sector.

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Howden Mining Optimisation Software built on OSIsoft PI.

At the highest level, Howden management and optimization system interfaces with the PI System, using the real-time data from PI to make decisions. Ultimately, this gives you the ability to use real-time data to improve mine performance and production, while also optimising your ventilation systems and increasing safety within the mining environment.

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Howden announces partnership with PTC and Microsoft.

Our digital transformation journey is enhanced by the mutual collaboration recently formalised between PTC and Microsoft, which will support us with completely integrated world leading IoT solutions.

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