Howden Uptime is designed to provide insight into asset performance that can increase the availability and reliability of the equipment.

The team at Zeeland Refinery first installed Howden Uptime on two non-Howden reciprocating compressors and it didn’t take long before they expanded the digital solution to several more of their compressors on-site.

Without Howden Uptime we wouldn’t have noticed that the compressor was not running optimal at 50% load. With only a small operational modification, we were able to have a small but positive impact on the environment and save money

Mickey de Kanter, Rotating Equipment Specialist, Zeeland Refinery

Mickey de Kanter from Zeeland Refinery, joined us at the Howden Uptime virtual event in October 2020 to discuss the benefits of Howden Uptime

The challenge

Zeeland Refinery has a clear focus on energy savings in order to protect the environment, and they had many unmonitored assets in operation at the plant.

They found that conventional equipment monitoring solutions were too expensive to install on aging equipment in the plant.

The solution

Howden Uptime was the perfect solution as it provides immediate actionable advice and the installation process is simple and non-intrusive.

Howden Uptime detected various operational issues and with the proactive intervention from the Howden experts, Zeeland Refinery corrected the issues before any downtime occurred and significantly reduced energy costs.


Zeeland Refinery

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