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Cutting edge of tunnel ventilation design

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Cutting edge of tunnel ventilation design


Howden has vast experience in underground ventilation through our fan technology. In 2017, this was expanded through the acquisition of Chasm Consulting, which had established itself as a leading simulation provider for underground mines with their Ventsim™ software. From being the number one mine ventilation design software, Ventsim has emerged as a key tool for all industries requiring underground ventilation. This is particularly so in the fast growing infrastructure environment, where we have developed a version specifically aligned to the needs of transport tunnels.
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Ventsim Tunnel DESIGN builds on features and functions capable of designing complex underground ventilation systems, by adding transport related parameters such as traffic flows and piston effect, PIARC emissions data, tunnel fire dynamics and critical velocity.  The result is a comprehensive modelling suite giving accurate insight into design options.  What’s more, the software has a built-in cost model to allow capital and operational costs to be understood when assessing options.

One of the key benefits of Ventsim is the ease and speed with which models are developed and scenarios tested.

Within Ventsim, a model of the proposed ventilation system can be created by building on CAD, BIM and map data that may already be developed as part of the wider tunnel project; also the highly graphical and intuitive interface and library of system components means designers can build the ventilation system on top of the proposed tunnel plan.  This is far beyond a simplistic schematic view, as it is developed in 3D within the project topography.  The user can then zoom in and rotate the view seeing the impact on air, gas and smoke throughout the tunnel based on the simulations being conducted.

Being highly graphical, Ventsim is ideal for presenting scenarios and key data to team members and stakeholders.  Data is exportable to excel giving users the means to share and analyse in a common format.

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Wednesday, 29 March 2023



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