WRV500 Screw Compressors Evolution


WRV500 Screw Compressors Evolution

​Howden's range of industry-leading oil injected screw compressors includes the largest oil injected screw compressor in the industry – the WRViT580 - an evolutionary development of Howden's proven WRV500 series of oil injected screw compressor technology.  The largest model in the WRV500 series, the WRViT580 delivers over 30% more volume capacity than others in the range.



Delivering lowest lifetime costs and enhanced data capture and analytics:

The WRV range of screw compressors comes with Howden's reputation for delivering highly efficient, reliable and compliant products, backed-up by our applications know-how, helping our package customers and end-users to deliver the optimum compression solution for their gas compression projects.  Our products incorporate a range of features from variable Vi to cope with varying suctions pressures, to high efficiency rotor profiles to ensure highest capacity with lowest power, to greatly reducing lifetime running costs. And through our focus on providing a suite of instrumentation options across our range, this enables improved data capture and analytics to enable detailed condition monitoring of your high value assets, operating in the most extreme, remote and challenging environments.

Long life and security in operation 

The 500 series screw compressor is a robust and highly reliable compressor designed with low tip speed to give highest efficiency and low vibration level. The design incorporates low temperature less than 110Deg C due to the oil injection that also lubricates and cools the gas. This results in high reliability of 99% and long periods between maintenance. It then seems incongruous to fit high levels of condition monitoring into the compressor however this is needed due to the clients desire to centralise and reduce the exposure to large on site maintenance teams.

As a example many of the Coal Seam Gas (CSG) compressors are mounted in remote sites in areas where it is difficult to maintain local support. LNG players Santos GLNG and Shell QCLNG and many other users adopt a philosophy of remote monitoring of their screw compressor fleet.

The need to predictable reliability has resulted in the need to adopt condition monitoring allowing remote monitoring of compressors from remote centres. The user can control the operation hundreds of miles from the actual installation. This allows the client to centralise the experts to support the operators and develop a faster reaction to site issues.

The ability to monitor Vibration levels and bearing temperature gives continuous real time data logging and ensures predictable reliability which is further enhanced by the ability to plan preventative maintenance and reduce maintenance costs by the fact that condition monitoring is being monitored continuously.

Howden have designed the latest WRVIT580 compressors more fully in compliance to API671 allowing increased monitoring ensuring annual inspections are not required resulting in reduced costs

Howden Interactive Virtual Engineer (HIVE)

Howden can provide a Howden Interactive Virtual Engineer who will work remotely "alongside" your own engineers to investigate and solve problems using a interactive link. With all resources of Howden at their fingertips.

A HIVE can guide your on site staff through complex diagnostic and remedial procedures.