Ventilation as a Service - energy savings


Ventilation energy savings with Howden's Ventilation as a Service

As we all know, ventilation systems are vital to the health of miners. Not only do they provide essential fresh air to the miners but they also prevent the build-up of dangerous diesel equipment gases and matters. As well as this, they evacuate respirable dust and noxious gases. So how can we reduce costs in our ventilation systems when they are so vital to the wellbeing of the industry?

Wants vs. Needs

Of course, any system that is put in place needs to meet regulatory requirements and maintain safe or "zero harm" working environments. But mining companies also want better ways of utilising their shrinking pool of skilled workers. All the while, they also want a way to maximise their returns by improving efficiency. So what is the answer?

Our launch of the VentSim CONTROL (formerly called ‘SmartEXEC™’) system has enabled Howden to extend our system expertise into sophisticated ventilation control systems that will add value for you in ventilation cost savings. We already have installed systems that have demonstrated the strength of our combined expertise in both fans and control systems- that mean bottom line savings for you. The VentSim CONTROL system has been documented to save over 50% by utilizing a full control and monitoring system for both underground and main ventilation fans. Moreover, by channeling air to functioning areas of the mine, the conditions can be created to overall increase mine productivity by supplying additional air- typically at a lower rate of power consumption.

Getting the right control system in place

Of course, automation on its own will not meet the needs of the mining industry. Every fan is different, every mine having several nuances to consider. With safety paramount, the system you use cannot rely on automation alone. Howden has a global footprint to support any installed VentSim CONTROL system worldwide that enables the company to partner with our mining customers wherever they are located in the world. Howden takes this commitment seriously- we currently employ 6,000 people in 29 countries with fans and ventilation systems located in every mining region in the world, including, but not limited to the Americas, Europe, China, Asia, Australia, & Africa.

With this global team, we will review your current ventilation system, optimise it and maintain it and make sure you continue to benefit from the savings we promise, without compromising on safety.

3 – Finally, it allows companies to use smart and sustainable energy

Naturally, environmental protection is only becoming more important in the mining industry. However, the safety of personnel working underground is the overriding factor when it comes to energy usage and always will be. With a centralised enterprise of control systems, Howden can optimise the supply of fresh air to underground workers while reducing energy and operating costs.

In short, this technology is going to allow the mining industry to make both their people and their operational costs a priority. It offers a whole new way to gain flexibility in the demanding future of mining.