[Video] Your needs addressed using Virtual Reality


[Video] Your needs addressed using Virtual Reality

Engineering and design is an important part of our daily business, and doing it correctly is what allows us to make a huge difference to yours. For over 160 years Howden has been engineering solutions for air and gas handling and we need to utilise the very best of the technology available to us.

Engineering is constantly evolving

When James Howden designed boilers and steam engines in 1857, he spent many hours in the drawing office. He would literally draw on paper, designs that would change the world. James was at the forefront of technology, and at Howden we still believe that that is where we need to be.

From paper drawings we moved on to using drawing packages on computers. From 2D rendering on computers we moved onto 3D rendering – allowing you and ourselves to view the drawing from other angles. But technology is always progressing and so is Howden.

Virtual reality applied to engineering and design

We have been experimenting with Virtual Reality to bring our designs to life. You can now benefit from our experiments. Using the head-mount VR system from Oculus Rift we can now present a stereoscopic 3D image to our engineers and customers. It is impressive, it is eye catching, it is innovative but most importantly it brings very practical benefits:

- You can see your product before it's built

- We can analyse more critically the engineered solution, in ways never before possible

- It optimises manufacturing

- It simplifies maintenance and service

So what now?

Below is a video made at Howden Thomassen showing the Virtual Reality technology being used to help our engineer view a, yet to be built, Reciprocating Compressor.

It looks like he is having a lot of fun, but just contrast the experience that he has between the old on screen version to the new Virtual Reality system.

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