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Industrial Vacuum Systems

Dirt, dust, powders, chips, liquids, and other debris are the enemies of many industrial and commercial settings. From clearing dust and metal shavings from a shop floor filled with lathes and other tools to maintain the cleanliness of a fleet of rental vehicles, industrial vacuum systems are essential to keeping various spaces and equipment clean, healthy and safe.

To understand the importance of having a quality institutional vacuum system in place, just review the most recent standards from OSHA that set out strict exposure limits for workers in proximity to respirable crystalline silica. One of the most critical recommendations from OSHA is for employers to implement dust collection systems — preferably with HEPA-filtered commercial vacuum systems.

When considering any industrial, commercial or municipal vacuum system, you have to make many decisions — from where best to place the vacuum producer to what types of materials will be vacuumed. If you want clear advice and quality equipment designed to meet your requirements fully, Howden is your one-stop shop for all of your industrial vacuuming needs.

Since introducing our first vacuum system in 1905, we’ve been engineering high-efficiency industrial vacuum systems and components for all types of cleaning jobs.


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