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Part of being the best is having the best suppliers

It is critical to our aim of being the world's leading application engineer that we form strong bonds with the best suppliers we can. We are proud of the quality of Howden products, and to uphold the quality, we work with the very best suppliers from around the world.

Big projects require teamwork

'The Best Team Wins' is a core value in Howden, and helps us ensure that our customers receive the very highest quality of product and service from Howden. The best team needs to also include our suppliers as they are critical in the process of delivering exceptional value to our customers. By becoming a Howden supplier, you will become a member of a team that is striving to be the world's leading application engineer.


Project management

Become a Howden supplier


At Howden we have a history of producing innovative products, as a supplier we will look to make sure that you join us on these journeys. We can innovate and grow together.

Strategic partnership

Suppliers are considered critical to our strategy, and we look to plan for the future involving our suppliers. We rely on your knowledge and expertise as we look to share ours with you.

Long term collaboration

Together we create a better team. We look to create long term relationships that benefit both parties and help us both to grow.

Please download and read our latest documentation.

Code of Conduct for Business Partners


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Non-Disclosure Agreement


Conflict Minerals Policy


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