Celebrate World Refrigeration Day 2021 with Howden

World Refrigeration Day #WRD21 remains a key date in the diary for Howden. Every year we are proud to sponsor an event that celebrates the people and technologies responsible for creating and maintaining the world we live in, a world dependent upon temperature-controlled environments. The event is supported globally by industry, professional groups, scientific and engineering associations, as well as by governments and individuals.

The industrial refrigeration market is a $17B market, which is growing at 6.2% CAGR. This is thanks to the market drivers such as GDP growth in emerging countries, rising global consumption of processed food, and government initiatives to support cold chain infrastructure. In order to meet the global demand for refrigeration, the #WRD21 campaign will focus on raising the profile of the industry to attract more people into the refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pumps industry. As the global demand for industrial refrigeration increases, we believe it is our responsibility to share the stories of our Cooling Champions who promote Cool Careers for a Better World.

First run on Thursday 1st July, we were joined by special guests from our key channel partner network to provide an informative session that discusses key topics, including current overview of refrigeration market, the drivers and key market trends and the impact COVID-19 has had on the industry. Our speakers will also focus on specific sub-segments within the Refrigeration industry including food and beverage and process refrigeration.

Our Howden Refrigeration experts will be giving an overview of the market, a glance at our new extended W-Series compressor range and talk about the strength and depth of our global packager network.

STAR Refrigeration will be discussing Data Led Energy Optimisation of Refrigeration Systems.

M&M Refrigeration will be giving an overview of low charge ammonia solutions.

Refricomp will be providing an overview the Spanish Refrigeration market and the solutions they provide for XRV racks.

We hope this webinar raises the profile of the refrigeration sector and celebrates the solutions we, and channel partner network, have to offer the industry.



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