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Howden Solutions for the Cement Industry in the Middle East

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Howden Solutions for the Cement Industry in the Middle East


Watch the recording of our live webinar on our range of Howden Solutions for the Cement Industry in the Middle East.

At Howden, we pride ourselves on partnering with customers and enabling your success by staying informed of local developments, new challenges, and identifying how to continue supporting your vital processes. Global travel restrictions in 2020 and 2021 meant that we have not been able to see our valued customers as much as we would hope to. To connect with our customers, we dedicated a live webinar for our Cement customers in the Middle East.  

Hear from our experts on how our Cement retrofit solutions help improve your fan reliability and availability with case study examples, and how the innovative Howden Uptime digital platform provides smart connectivity for performance optimisation.  

By watching the recording, you can find out:

  • 00:00 – 07:06 | How our evolving presence in the Middle East brings us closer to your operations  

  • 07:07 – 20:47 | What our Howden Cement solutions have to offer, including our trusted aftermarket services improving the availability and reliability of your fans

  • 20:48 – 36:35 | How our latest digital solution, Uptime, can reduce your unplanned downtime resulting in cost savings, safely increase Mean Time Between Maintenance, and provide predictive analytics to help your equipment operate more efficiently  

We also had a questions and answers session and you can listen to the queries we received and our responses from 36:36 to 1:03:50.


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