Established: 1988

Acquired: 2017

Product Type: Single-stage blowers, compressors, steam turbines, air lubrication systems, exhaust gas recirculation, dual point control

Region: North America

Turblex represents highly efficient, single-stage, integrally geared compressors for clean air, water and energy.

With thousands of units operating worldwide, Turblex turbomachinery is trusted for wastewater treatment plant aeration, industrial and marine applications as well as the pulp and paper industry.

Howden offers three single-stage Turblex blower options that possess proven dual point control to maximize efficiency, with 30 percent or greater power savings over conventional positive displacement or multi-stage options. These three choices are backed with two decades of the highest quality aeration system supply to the North American market.

Turblex compressor packages are tailored to the end user's specifications. Lube oil piping is generally Schedule 40 carbon steel with welded fittings and is available in stainless steel. Electrical conduit, electrical wiring and instruments are provided "per specifications." Turblex units also meet most elements of API 672. Your Howden regional sales manager and local manufacturer's representative will be pleased to work with you on special applications involving Turblex units.



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