Established: 1945

Acquired: 2017

Product Type: Single stage integrally geared compressor

Region: Global

HV-TURBOTM represents the efficient, single-stage, integrally geared compressors, suitable for several markets and applications such as wastewater treatment plant aeration, industrial and marine.

The HV-TURBO single stage integrally geared compressor has an advanced mechanical and aero-dynamical design and cutting edge control system. The air-end and integral gearbox have been developed and evolved based on 30 years of manufacturing experience, creating the most efficient air compressor available in the market today.


Environmental turbo compressors


In the 1945 the Danish shipyard Helsingoer Vaerft started the development of turbochargers, and in 1954 installed their product in the freight ship Abelone. The new developments were made under the name HV-TURBO (the HV stands for Helsingoer Vaerft), and the new company became very successful.

The innovative centrifugal compressors that were produced under the HV-TURBO brand allowed the company to expand worldwide and to establish itself as a major power in the turbo compressor field. The success of HV-TURBO attracted interest from other businesses in the market and in 2000 they were purchased by the German company Kühnle Kopp & Kausch. Subsequently KK&K were acquired by Siemens and the name HV-TURBO disappeared from the market. In 2012 the manufacture of, what had previously been called, HV-TURBO products was moved to the Frankenthal site in Germany.

In 2017, Howden purchased Siemens Turbomachinery Equipment GmbH (STE), which included the Frankenthal, Helsingoer and Mornago (Italy) sites. The EGR and KA products will once again be branded as HV-TURBO, recognising the history and new future of these important compressors.

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