Howden Turbo Technologies

A complete range of turbo machinery products for any industry or application

Howden designs, manufactures and supplies a full range of turbo machinery products, we also have an extensive service centre footprint that allows us to offer a full range of aftermarket services. We own some of the most recognisable and trusted brands in the world.

Whether you are looking to transfer energy from a fluid or from a rotor, we have the product that will suit your requirement. Our centrifugal compressors and blowers are well known around the world, and our steam turbine products have a long history of being the world's leading turbines.

Howden Turbo Technologies incorporates products not just from the Howden product range, but from these other world famous brands: Kühnle, Kopp & Kausch, TURBLEX, HV-TURBO, ExVel, and Donkin.

Wet dust extractor


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