Established: 1980

Acquired: 2012

Product Type: Heavy Duty Centrifugal Fans

Region: North America

Howden specializes in heavy duty centrifugal fans for a variety of high spec PCOG and industrial applications. The Covent A series is designed for relatively clean gas applications, and it offers high efficiency, low noise performance at minimum cost. Covent Type C Fans have 15 rotor designs to cover a wide range of pressure and volume at optimum efficiency. The low flow fans have parallel shrouds for stable performance, and the wide fans have taper shrouds for high strength as well as stall-free operation. Covent Type E Fans are capable of handling extreme levels of dust-laden and sticky gases. Their flat, steeply backward-inclined blades are designed to prevent material from becoming trapped in areas where the centrifugal force is insufficient to remove it, greatly reducing dust build-up.


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