RootsTM Rotary RGS-J WhispairTM

RootsTM RGS-J WhispairTM is uniquely superior for MVR applications​

As the originator of the Roots Rotary Positive Displacement Blower in 1854, and one of the World's leaders in rotary blowers applications, we have developed our RGS-J Whispair rotary blower to be the most robust and reliable rotary blower available for use in MVR applications.

The Roots Gas Service Whispair Steam blower (commonly known as the RGS-J Steam Unit) was designed specifically to give the customer a blower for most steam applications thanks to its versatility in terms of sizes, higher compression ratios, materials of construction and coating options. The proven design is the result of over 20+ years of field testing and design validations.

Construction Features which make RGS-J Whispair Ideal for MVR

  • Available in either horizontal or vertical flows
  • Impellers are made from ductile iron with a tensile strength of 60,000 PSI and are statically and dynamically balanced
  • Cylinders and headplates are precision machined grey iron, with cast ribs for improved strength and heat transfer
  • Cylinder lagging for uniform thermal growth
  • Stainless steel water injection spray nozzle
  • Shafts are alloy steel forgings, flange connected to the impeller bodies
  • Blower wetted parts can be constructed with alternate materials such as Ni-resist, stainless steel, etc
  • Coating options include Armoloy and Electrolysis Nickel

Key Design Features of the RGS-J WhispairTM Steam Unit

Mechanical Seal

The seal is the most critical item to prevent system failure from steam entering the oil, bearing and gear compartments. Our proprietary mechanical seal is designed to maintain oil pressure above the process steam pressure, holding the seal face flush against the mating ring.

The surface design allows for large access to the seal surface of cooling oil for maximum heat dissipation. This prevents leakage and surface damage.

Pressure Lubricated (PL) entirely self-contained oil system

The Mechanical Seal works with the positive pressure lubrication system to eliminate steam leakage.

  • Designed to increase the longevity of the seal, maintain reliable operation of the blower, and increase maintenance intervals.
  • The main oil pump may be shaft driven directly off the blower or through an auxiliary motor to maintain seal integrity during blower start-up and shutdown.
  • PL system components and materials can be customised to meet the customer's requirements.

WhispairTM jet

All RGS-J blowers incorporate a wrap-around plenum design and feature Roots exclusive Whispair jet. Whispair jet technology helps equalize pressure pulses, reducing shock wave intensity by up to 40%. This means...

  • Longer Equipment Life: Approx. 20% longer bearing life. Other components, including downstream equipment suffer less stress too.
  • Lower Noise: Noise is reduced by approximately 5 dBA.
  • Lower Cost or Operation: Lower energy consumption thanks to air being channeled in the direction of impeller rotation providing a "push".

Enhanced instrumentation and health monitoring

Self contained instrumentation panel integrated into the unit package which can communicate to an existing Distributed Control System (DCS). Provides alarm and shutdown capability as well as monitoring to ensure proper control of the critical compressor health parameters.


Roots RGS J Performance Curve

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