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Tailored customer training for Steam Turbines

Training your team is essential to ensure that your Steam Turbine equipment operates in an optimal manner. Our training will help you to increase the lifespan of your Steam Turbine via correct usage and maintenance.

Our tailored training sessions are designed to ensure that the correct knowledge is shared with the correct people; equipment managers, back-office engineers, EPC contractors and site-based operation and maintenance teams will all benefit from different topics and focus points.

Our product overview training courses are available to be run at your site/offices or at many of our Howden facilities worldwide (including our Steam Turbine bases in Peterborough, UK and Frankenthal, Germany), or we can also deliver the training at a hotel or conference site of your choice. Our distance learning solutions also allows us to offer you the choice of a virtual Steam Turbine training course.

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Training tailored to your brand of Steam Turbine

Peter Brotherhood logo

Peter Brotherhood

Our Peter Brotherhood steam turbines are custom engineered for each customer and application. Training will focus on the specific steam turbine(s) that your team will be working on.

Kühnle, Kopp and Kausch logo

Kühnle, Kopp and Kausch/Howden

The Kühnle, Kopp and Kausch range of steam turbines (known as Howden in North America) are modular in design and can be configured to each customer and application. Training will be tailored to your configuration.

Other brands

Other brands

At the heart of our steam turbine training is a deep understanding of how these machines are manufactured, configured and maintained. Therefore we are happy to provide training on any Steam Turbine(s) you have, whether they are one of our brands or not.

Course Modules

Steam Turbine Training Course Content

The course duration will depend on the modules that you choose. A typical Operation and Maintenance training course (including Options 1, 2 & 3) will usually last four days. Refresher training is between 1 and 2 days. Our day lasts 8 hours and the duration will vary depending on the content of the Steam Turbine training that you request.

We suggest that there be no more than 12 trainees in a single session. However, depending on conditions such as the location, experience and English language skills of the trainees this can vary, our training coordinator will discuss this with you.

All our training courses are typically delivered in English for Peter Brotherhood Steam Turbines and in German for Kühnle, Kopp & Kausch Steam Turbines. If that would pose a challenge to your team, then our training coordinator will work with you to develop a solution.

Typical Training Modular Format

Module 1 : Introduction

  • Introduction to Howden
  • Our brands - an overview of Peter Brotherhood and Kühnle, Kopp & Kausch
  • The Product Range
  • The customer services team
  • Your trainer

Module 2 - Steam Turbine Fundamentals

  • Steam Turbines overview
  • Applications and Configurations
  • The way a Steam Turbine works
  • Steam Turbine basics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Major Components explained
  • Auxiliary systems explained

Module 3 : Operation and Maintenance (3 options)

Option 1: Operation

  • Protection system (detailed review)
  • Auxiliary system (detailed review)
  • Control system (detailed review)
  • Instrumentation (detailed review)
  • Operating principles
  • Daily/weekly/monthly operation activities

Option 2: Maintenance

  • Servicing schedule
  • Daily/weekly/monthly maintenance activities
  • Outage tasks
  • Shaft alignment
  • Component alignment
  • Mechanical activities
  • Instrumentation activities
  • Inspection activities

Option 3: Trouble shooting

  • Excessive vibration
  • Excessive temperature
  • Excessive pressures
  • Abnormal operation scenarios

Practical hands-on training

An alternative to class room training is our on-site hands-on training which we deliver while your equipment is being inspected or maintained. By delivering training during regular events such as this, it is possible to focus specifically on the techniques and skills required so that the trainees are able to perform these duties in the future.

Refresher training

It is important to avoid bad habits creeping into work that is performed on Steam Turbines. Our Refresher courses usually focus on all the Operation & Maintenance modules, and are essential to make sure that the processes you are following are the correct ones. Additionally, depending on your requirements, we are always delighted to deliver any modules that you feel would help your team.

Training locations

Steam Turbine training

Customer Site

We are able to send our expert steam turbine trainers to your site (or hotel, conference centre etc. if more convenient) in order to do the training. When on-site, our trainer can deliver a mix between practical hands-on training and classroom based learning. We will focus the training around your specific steam turbines. Typically in this situation we will cover topics in a classroom setting first, before giving the trainees the chance to practice (most of) what they have learned in controlled practical sessions.

There are other advantages of booking a steam turbine course at your site. Our trainer will take the opportunity while at your site to perform a visual (non-intrusive) inspection of your turbine(s) and will from this generate a report which we will share with you. These reports can be very valuable as they will detail any potential issues or anomalies which have been identified, along with the recommendations and corrective actions required to address these and ensure optimal lifespan and reduce downtime.

Steam Turbine factory UK

Howden site based training

Away from the distractions of their own site, we also enjoy the chance to welcome delegates to many of our Howden sites, but particularly to our state of the art facilities in Peterborough, UK and Frankenthal, Germany. At these locations, participants will get to see Steam Turbines being manufactured and tested, which in turn can give delegates unique insights into their own equipment.

With access to dedicated training rooms that have been set up to optimise the learning experience, participants will benefit from a dedicated environment. They will also have access to components and parts that would be impossible to give them access to at their own site (unless your machine were having a major overhaul).

We will take care of food and drinks for the duration of the training days, and delegates will also be able to view the ongoing daily operations of our Steam Turbine factory, as well as have the chance to speak to some of our other Howden staff onsite.

Online steam turbine courses

Virtual training

A completely different style of training is also available via our distance learning solution. These shorter more flexible courses are delivered via the internet and include an electronic training guide to ensure that everyone is able to follow along easily.

These online courses have proved very popular especially during lockdowns and as short notice solutions for staff who need to get up to speed on a machine quickly. Less disruptive than traditional face-to-face courses, the participants will still benefit from all the advantages of a course run by one of our expert Steam Turbine trainers.

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Not only are our trainers experienced experts in Steam Turbines, but they also have direct access to the engineers and teams that are building new Steam Turbines


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Your team will leave the training with a clear understanding of their Steam Turbine(s), which in turn will lead to a greater understanding of the issues that can arise during normal operation

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Increased knowledge of the steam turbine results in engineers that are able to troubleshoot issues quicker and with greater accuracy. This has a direct impact as it reduces downtime as well as reducing reliance on external support teams


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The trainees will have an increased knowledge of steam turbine systems and components, which allows problems to be diagnosed and fixed quicker

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Improves effective risk management and maintenance aspects for efficient operation of the steam turbine


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Increases participant’s confidence and competence within the areas covered by the training

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Increases motivation

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