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Producing clean energy is one of the greatest challenges of the future. Inspired by nature we have created a range of steam turbines to achieve maximum performance at minimum cost.

All Howden steam turbines are highly flexible machines with their quick start capabilities they are a great option for alternative power generation.

With our decades of engineering experience and the resources of a worldwide operating company, we offer a highly robust and reliable turbine design to meet the everyday challenges of clean energy production.

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Howden twin shaft turbines are based on a modular building block system which offers great flexibility. With the possibility of two controlled extractions, this design fits in to complex process applications. The overhung design concept allows for cold startup within seconds and makes Howden steam turbines an excellent choice for applications where availability is essential.

The rotors run at different speed levels for maximum stage efficiency. The integrated twin shaft gearbox is installed in hundreds of applications around the globe. It offers industrial proven features such as a mechanical lube oil pump, it can also be supplied with various options for vibration and temperature monitoring. Howden steam turbines can be equipped with nozzle group control valves, for optimum performance even under part load conditions. The compact and modular design allows for easy installation and maintenance and increases time between services.

Now lets take a look at some possible applications. For power generation applications such as biomass the cycle efficiency can be improved by using the option of reheat, low pressure extraction is available for various processes.

Start your turbine at the crack of dawn. The cold startup without preheating offers maximum uptime for concentrated solar power generation, realising the full energy potential. Installation costs of the solar field can be reduced Another typical setup is using the waste heat of glass or steel productions for power generation.

With its two controlled extractions the tree model can be easily integrated into customer process setups.

Flexibility meets efficiency, Howden steam turbines. Howden proudly brings you the power of steam with an outstanding and impeccably designed steam turbine.

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