World-class ventilation-optimized systems drive energy savings to contribute to net-zero commitments

VentsimTM CONTROL, (associated with Ventsim DESIGN), utilizes intelligent software that communicates to hardware devices monitoring remotely, controlling and automating airflow, heating, and cooling systems.

To deliver safer, more productive, and lower-cost ventilation for your mine.



Health and safety operation icon

Health and safety operation

No personnel required to control fans manually. Automatically increase airflow to active levels.

Energy savings icon

Energy savings

The software will allow obtain energy savings on your ventilation system of between 10 to 70%.

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Increase production

Clear blast gases faster, decreasing downtime up to 3 hours per production blast.

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Real-time calibration to actual airflow requirements for active personnel and machinery, reducing air waste.


Carbon footprint

It supports environmental goals by monitoring the reduction of tonnes of CO2 emissions.

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Reduce and monitor contaminant gases for regulations compliance. Safely return to work.

Ventilation Optimization Systems

Ventsim CONTROL logs all changes to the ventilation system, whether manual or automated. It manages alerts with varying levels of severity and permits monitoring compliance with safety regulations.

Ventsim CONTROL optimizes the ventilation system to reduce energy waste by enabling remote control of fans via proper hardware. Depending on the levels of control, the software will allow you to attain energy savings on your ventilation system of between 10 to 70%.

It has many various forms. For instance, remotely controlling fan speed or manually setting an opening on louvers, syncing two fans to run at the same rate, having a ventilation door open automatically based on a gas reading, or having an underground fan or an airflow regulator opening based on Flow measurements or scheduling events.


Ventilation On Demand

Ventilation on demand (VOD) is a type of ventilation optimization where the system adjusts mine airflow in real time based on vehicle and personnel position.

This is possible by integrating a tracking database with flow set points calculated based on tracking data. Rules for calculation are adaptable to meet local and corporate regulations.


Cooling On Demand (CoD)

The Ventsim CONTROL's Cooling on Demand (CoD) functionality allows users to monitor temperatures at deeper levels and push back cooled air more efficiently.

The Cooling on Demand aligned with trends it was seeing in the industry towards deeper mines requiring cooled air to achieve higher standards of health and safety for workers.

These new controls ensure the cool air from the cooling plants at surface levels goes where it is required, saving operating and energy costs.


Energy Reporting tool

Within Ventsim CONTROL, an in-built energy reporting tool shows clients their ongoing underground ventilation energy consumption. Howden has been able to generate a rolling CO2  emission indicator that clients can monitor, considering that a reduction in energy correlates directly to a reduction in tonnes of CO2 emissions.

In addition to what the system will provide in operational terms and operating costs, it can also outline how it will assist clients in meeting environmental goals and CO2 emission reductions and how this can be used in ESG reporting.


The ventilation journey : Ventsim CONTROL

Step by step approach. Start small and adapt to your operation needs.


Ventilation design capabilities

The Ventsim CONTROL (formerly SmartEXEC) software provides ventilation design capabilities that can be used for control and optimization.


From the surface, remotely monitor, control and automate real-time airflow and ventilation in your mine. Pre-programmed, easy to use. Easily expands for growing operations.



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