The VentsimTM CONTROL (formerly SmartEXEC) software provides ventilation design capabilities which can be used for control and optimization.

After a programme of user feedback and evolution lasting almost a decade, VentSim CONTROL is today delivering outstanding results. In 2015, we developed a no programming 'plug and play' approach by incorporating instrumentation, automation, fans, dampers and fan motor starters that can be integrated quickly and easily into any Ventsim CONTROL system. Today, any type and size of Howden fan can be supplied in that 'plug and play' configuration.

From the surface, remotely monitor, control and automate real-time airflow and ventilation in your mine. Pre-programmed, easy to use. Easily expands for growing operations.



This product is a part of TMVS – Total Mine Ventilation Solutions, the integrated suite of expertise, products and services that provides efficiency and safety across your mine operations

5 levels of control

1 - Manual

The operator uses the Ventsim CONTROL interface to remotely turn fans on or off, to modify their speed or to set the % on regulators. Settings stay as they are until manually changed.

2 – Automatic schedules and events

Ventsim CONTROL automatically changes underground fan and regulator settings as part of a schedule such as shift changes or planned events such as blasting.

3 – Automatic set points

The operator enters set points for airflow, gas levels, and/or temperature. Ventsim CONTROL reads real-time conditions from monitoring stations, then automatically adjusts underground fan and regulator settings to maintain set points.

4 – Dynamic requirements (VOD)

VentSim CONTROL uses dynamic tracking to determine requirements for airflow, gas levels, and temperature based on personnel and vehicles in each area. Ventsim CONTROL reads real-time conditions from monitoring stations and automatically adjusts underground fan and regulator settings to maintain safe and comfortable working conditions in a dynamic environment.

5 – Complete infrastructure optimization including main fans

Ventsim CONTROL reads real-time conditions from monitoring stations and automatically optimizes underground fan and regulator settings, and also adjusts main fan settings to maintain required levels and maximize energy savings. This level of optimization controls the ventilation system as a whole using advanced control strategies designed for mine ventilation applications.


Learn more about Ventsim CONTROL

Ventsim CONTROL Software

Howden's Ventsim CONTROL is an upgrade from Ventsim DESIGN that utilizes intelligent software.

Ventsim CONTROL product overview

Mark Sanders explains about the amazing capabilities of Ventsim CONTROL.

Ventsim CONTROL Software

Hugo Dello Sbarba explains why he loves Ventsim CONTROL software.

Ventsim CONTROL Product Benefits

Mark Sanders explores the benefits of Ventsim CONTROL.

Ventsim CONTROL Ventilation Improvements

Hugo Dello Sbarba talks about the savings that can be made with even the smallest change in ventilation.

Ventsim CONTROL at San Julian Mine

Mining ventilation control is evolving thanks to Ventsim CONTROL.


6 easy steps to getting control of your mining ventilation

Step 1

Howden mine ventilation engineers use Ventsim DESIGN to model and analyse the mining ventilation infrastructure.

Step 2

Howden mine ventilation engineers design an optimised ventilation system for your mine, integrating your existing infrastructure into Ventsim CONTROL.

Step 3

Your Howden team quickly installs any additional hardware and instrumentation required using our plug-and-play compatibility.

Step 4

Your monitoring and control systems are linked with Ventsim CONTROL over the communications network.

Step 5

Operators receive on-site training to use Ventsim CONTROL for monitoring and controlling mine ventilation.

Step 6

Howden provides ongoing support and maintenance, either on-site or remotely.


VentSim CONTROL Library

Optimize airflow and ventilation to ensure quality working conditions

Control underground fans or variable flow devices, track airflow, pressure, humidity, temperature and up to nine gases in one consolidated unit.

Measure real-time airflow accurately and reliably.

The AMS units have the capacity to connect up to two bi-directional flow sensors.

The AQMS units have the capacity to connect up to two bi-directional flow sensors.

The gas detector is a unique design combining intrinsically safe and explosion proof approved standards.

Precise, verifiable ventilation control with automatic or manual options.



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Goldcorp Éléonore gold mine

Our radically new Ventsim CONTROL technologies that brought impressive cost and energy savings while also raising productivity.

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This study examines the results of three typical mines with VOD installed.

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Ventsim CONTROL ready fans to end need for retrofits.

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Ventilation as a Service

We will work with you to develop a solution that can save you over 50% on your energy costs.

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