VentSim CONNECT provides easy-to-use remote monitoring and control interfaces from the 3D environment of VentSim DESIGN to manually adjust mine ventilation and airflow

VentSim CONNECT offers remote, manual monitoring and control of hardware and instrumentation in your mining infrastructure.

Point-and-click intuitive information and control screens show users the conditions in the mine and allow for manual adjustments. Operators of all skill levels can understand the conditions control as needed.

Delivering powerful insight and intelligence in partnership with Microsoft, PTC and OSIsoft.

Versatile option for remote monitoring and manual control of the underground environment

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Ventsim monitors

6 easy steps to getting control of your mining ventilation

Step 1

Howden mine ventilation engineers use VentSim DESIGN to model and analyse the mining ventilation infrastructure

Step 2

Howden mine ventilation engineers design an optimised ventilation system for your mine, integrating your existing infrastructure into VentSim CONNECT

Step 3

Your Howden team quickly installs any additional hardware and instrumentation required using our plug-and-play compatibility

Step 4

Your monitoring and control systems are linked with VentSim CONNECT over the communications network

Step 5

Operators receive on-site training to use VentSim CONNECT for monitoring and controlling mine ventilation

Step 6

Howden provides ongoing support and maintenance, either on-site or remotely


VentSim CONNECT is a manual ventilation management system, which helps you quickly understand the conditions in any area of the mine, and make the necessary adjustments

VentSim CONNECT Display

This product is a part of TMVS – Total Mine Ventilation Solutions, the integrated suite of expertise, products and services that provides efficiency and safety across your mine operations

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