VentSim™ DESIGN V5 officially released

VentSim™ DESIGN 5 represents the biggest step change improvement in VentSim power and features since the Visual 1.0 release in 2009. A dedicated team of professionals have been working hard to bring together a list of new features to help make ventilation design easier, safer and more efficient.

Read below for a full description of the updates you will find in this version.

VentSim™ DESIGN V5 will allow you to take your designing to the next level and improve your simulation like never before.

Ventsim 5 screenshot

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Performance improvements

Increased simulation speed and reduced memory usage, including parallel processing with multi-core CPU computers (refer to benchmark results for more detail)

New simulation features

Sensitivity and Confidence Analysis Tool for airflow, heat and natural ventilation
Goal Seek tool to find fan pressures to achieve required airflows
Introduction of a new simulation engine which shows over 1000% increase in solving speed for some models.

Modeling Escape Routes

Calculate the fastest and safest routes to nearby refuge bays)
Find the safest routes to the surface exits
Route calculation displays amount of time required to walk & climb and tracks personnel exposure to smoke and contaminants

New capabilities added to heat simulation

Heat & moisture transference from ducts and open bodies of water
Both daily and annual thermal flywheel effects modelled

Modeling Equipment Paths

Create activity path through the model that groups equipment use, to collectively model heat, moisture and diesel fumes in simulations without having to place individual items.

User Interface

Refreshed look and feel of VentSim DESIGN icons
New docking window, the edit form can now be docked to the left or right of the screen, making it easier to view the airway properties.
Find & Advanced select have been improved for easier finding and selection of airways
New charts give a much-improved look and feel as well as improved performance.
New view change buttons to allow quick view orientation changes.
Level Wizard, if your model doesn’t have levels setup correctly, VentSim DESIGN can now automatically setup a series of default levels based on the model airways.

Integration with Howden Fan Selection Tool

Connect directly to manufacturers’ web-site to recommend a fan to meet the pressure / flow required by the model, and then automatically import available fan curves into a VentSim DESIGN model.


Improved performance of reviewing data, history and stations
New mobile application planned to log data on-site.
New dashboard to compare differences between logged and simulated airflows


VentSim DESIGN can now connect directly to ventilation network devices and monitor and manually controls in real-time.

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