VentSimTM Model Audit

Independent, professional and cost-effective verification of your Mine ventilation model

Entrust our experienced Mine Engineers and VentSimTM developers to provide you with a VentSim Model Audit; an independent, professional and cost-effective service to ensure modelling assumptions and inputs are appropriate for the proposed ventilation design.

This service aims to review and correct settings and assumptions before companies commit to expensive or potentially hazardous changes to actual ventilation systems. Accurate models are also vital for mine schedules, budgeting and forecasting purposes and these can be critical to ensure unexpected changes or expenditure on ventilation redesigns are not required, and mining schedules are not compromised.

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Ventsim model audit

Our audit consists of 3 crucial areas of Ventilation Modelling with components reviewed.

  1. Airflow Audit – Cost Optimisation:
    • Check airway/flow parameters
    • Check environmental parameters
    • Review fan parameters – fixed flows
    • Check obstruction and regulator parameters

  2. Thermodynamics:
    • Check heat parameters for airways
    • Check environmental surface and rock settings
    • Review internal diesel, electric and other heat sources and model assumptions

  3. Fire Safety:
    • Review assumptions of fire and risk
    • Review fire design assumptions – size, capacity and behaviour over time
    • Review refuge bay locations and escape route parameters
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Requirements for Audit

  • VentSim Model
  • Fan curves utilised in the mine
  • Latest Vent Surveys


  • 29 Point Standard Audit Report or 37 Point Full Audit Report (including Thermodynamics), showing compliance or non-compliance in all areas of the model. Where incorrect parameters are detected, the consequence and recommendations to improve will be stated.
  • 30 minutes conference call to discuss the findings of the report
  • An additional fire and safety report if required, reviewing and if required amending fire design assumptions and showing fire simulation and emergency outcomes based on proposed plans
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Additional Services

  • Up skilling and tailored training for individuals or teams
  • Ventilation design review, engineering and/or advice
  • Full turn-key ventilation design services


  • Peace of mind
  • Reduced workload
  • Avoidance of costly mistakes
  • Reallocation of budget
  • Time savings
  • Close your skill gap
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Services Offering – Model Sizing and Segments in USD:

Segments are groups of airways between junctions. Most models have significantly less segments than the airway count

  1. Airflow Audit – Cost Optimisation:
    • 0-500 segments = $940*
    • 500-2000 segments = $1,210*
    • 2000-5000 segments = $1,490*
    • 5000+ segments = $1,750*

  2. Thermodynamics:
    • POA – depending on size and complexity of mine

  3. Fire Safety:
    • POA – depending on risk and number of emergency simulations

  4. Other services – please contact us to discuss.

*Price may be reviewed upon reception of model.

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