Rich visual 3D mine ventilation simulation software

Accurately model, design, evaluate, and optimize underground mine ventilation systems.

VentSim DESIGN creates an accurate simulation of the ventilation environment. Real-time animated 3D graphics represent actual airway dimensions and shapes with animated airflows.

VentSim DESIGN is an expert tool that’s useful in all stages of ventilation design, from assessing needs and selecting hardware in the early planning stages to ongoing optimization of everyday operations in a working mine.

Howden mine ventilation engineers use VentSim DESIGN simulations to create an optimized plan based on your existing mine infrastructure. Hardware and instrumentation is strategically placed in your mine model for maximum productivity based on accurate calculations of power and airflow.

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VentSim DESIGN licensing levels

Advanced version

  • Full 3D modeling with smooth rotation, zoom, and pan
  • Real-time automation of airflow and fans
  • Airflow simulation and fan modelling
  • Basic contaminant spread, sourcing, and emergency simulation
  • Import centerlines and solids from other mine planning packages such as Deswik and Datamine, as well as DXF
  • Thermodynamic heat and moisture modelling, including:
    • Strata heat and moisture
    • Diesel heat and DPM emissions
    • Refrigeration
    • Electrical heat sources
  • Compressible airflows and self-adjusting fan curves
  • Blasting fumes dispersion and clearance times
  • Financial analysis wizards
  • Recirculation predictor

Premium version

  • All features of VentSim DESIGN Advanced.
  • Radon simulation to predict worker exposure levels
  • VentLOGTM ventilation survey record software.
  • LiveVIEWTM remote data connection and display model.
  • VentFIRETM fire, gas, heat and airflow direction simulation.

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