Ice Plant


Howden supplies ice-making technology which produces ice water or solid ice as required during a 24-hour period, making major electricity demand savings possible on mine cooling systems.

Howden’s thermal ice storage technology enables the entire mine refrigeration plant (excluding the pumping of the chilled water) to be shut down during a power peak demand period per week.

The plant will run at maximum load at all times thus delivering maximum efficiency. As the system is designed as a stand-alone operation, it will not reduce dam storage volumes. Our plant can operate even if the main cooling plant is out of operation.

Ice Plant

Key Features

  • ​Our ice-making plants are arranged to reduce the temperature in the ice dam to about 1ºC during working & off-peak periods, followed by ice production if both dams are at 1° C. The system enables the user to take full advantage of all off-peak electricity periods for making ice or chilled water.
  • ​Howden’s thermal storage ice making system makes possible major power and demand savings when it is used in combination with efficient water management systems.


  • ​Cost savings during peak electricity demand periods.
  • ​Minimal additional pumping costs are required.


  • ​Hard rock mining operations where temperatures are high.

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