Heater technology

Innovation defines our future: research and development is still constantly ongoing to refine and improve our rotary heaters.

Although a very mature product, we continually seek to improve our heater products to better suit changing customer requirements, fuel types, emissions legislation and efficiency requirements.

Our investment in research and development in our factories around the world means that we stay at the forefront of heater innovation and can provide you with the very best in heater design.

More information can be found in our aftermarket heater technology brochure.


Our developments and world leading technologies

Leakage sealing system

We are renowned for our advanced VN sealing system which keeps leakage consistently low for extended periods.

While the original VN solution was developed over 30 years ago we have continually improved it as we have taken steps towards a Zero Leakage Heater. The latest step being our patent pending Parabolic Sectorplates and contact seals.

Heater development

Although a very mature product, research and development is still constantly ongoing to refine and improve rotary heaters to suit changing customer requirements, fuel types, emissions legislation and efficiency improvements. This continual improvement of the product is reflected in our core value "innovation defines our future".

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Fire detection and fighting

Howden’s experienced engineers have developed fire detection systems, which use fast-response fire detection probes and an associated fire detection panel to continuously monitor the rotor for a higher temperature hot spots and also a high rate of change of temperature.

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UltraGen™ is the most radical improvement in heat exchanger performance in several decades. It is the outcome of dedicated global research, carried out in several locations across the globe by dedicated teams of specialists, and focused on one of the major problems affecting heat exchanger operation: the presence of cold end fouling and plugging.

While fouling and plugging has always presented problems in heat exchangers, progressive moves such as the use of SCR and the move towards lower temperature operation, themselves highly beneficial exacerbated these problems for you. As well as raising the pressure drop across the heater and placing greater demands on FD and ID fans (thereby raising their energy consumption), there were serious issues of downtime required for cleaning operations, and unplanned outages. Power plant operators throughout the world made it clear to us that effective solutions to these problems was urgently required.


The triple benefit

HCP Element

The HCP Element™ features a radically new design that combines two profiles in one element sheet, each optimised for its specific temperature band. This innovative arrangement significantly reduces cold-end fouling and removes the inter tier space.

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Breakthrough technology that allows us to meet demands for high quality enamelled cold end elements using standard mild steel or Low Alloy Corrosion Resistant Steel (LACR).

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The Howden Enerjet™ cleaning system is a method of on-line high pressure water washing of air preheaters designed to provide effective and efficient cleaning of severely fouled heat exchanger elements while the air preheater is in normal use.

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