Gas Gas Heater

Howden supplied some of the world’s first FGD systems in 1934, and since then we have become a leading supplier of gas gas heaters.

The Howden VN design concept is ideally suited to the FGD Gas Gas Heater application. Judicious selection of materials, together with advanced design features result in a heat exchanger with exceptional resistance to the cool, moist acidic conditions of FGD plant, where fouling and corrosion are a constant challenge.

Gas gas heaters can be custom designed and optimised to suit arrangement and client preference. If the GGH is being mounted directly on top of the FGD Absorber, construction of the GGH at ground level and a single lift can reduce costs. We are also able to install a tail end SCR gas preheater if this is required due to the specific set up of your power station - you can read more about this in our brochure.



Why choose Howden Gas Gas Heaters?

Our experience

The first company to form a joint venture with Fredrik Ljungström, we have been designing and improving rotary heat exchanger technology ever since.

Research and development

Continual research, development and analysis of both new and aftermarket heaters to optimise product performance and reliability.

Reputation for quality

We are accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and are regularly audited by major customers and internationally recognised assessment organisations.

Global Presence, Local Service

In our experience, there is no substitute for local support; that’s why we have local teams ready to help.

Modern manufacturing

Our state of the art production facilities are staffed by experienced engineers and fully qualified operators.

Element design

We have a wide range of profiles available, enabling us to offer the right balance of thermodynamic performance, pressure drop and ease of cleaning for any situation.

Our brands

  • Howden

  • Sirocco

  • Tallares Sanchez Luengo (TSL)

  • Rothemühle

Our services

  • Full revision service of our own branded heat exchangers and other brands too

  • Inspection service and damage analysis

  • Remote engineer support contracts

  • Full service contracts designed to maximise lifespan

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Retrofits and Solutions


The leading manufacturer of heating elements irrespective of the original manufacturer.

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Enhancements and Upgrades

It’s our duty to offer only the very highest standards of service whatever their needs, from initial installation of plant and equipment through routine maintenance to subsequent refurbishment and enhancements.

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Technology and Experience

Over the many years of our ongoing heater applications experience, Howden have investigated and developed important innovative solutions including leakage sealing systems, cleaning systems and intelligent monitoring.

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Parabolic Sectorplates

Through continued innovation, Howden have developed the latest Rotary Heater leakage reduction method – Parabolic Sectorplates. Hot End Sectorplates are structurally designed with variable stiffness to deform parabolically, when actuated, to match the shape of the deformed operating rotor. Thereby minimising the hot end leakage gap.

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