High efficiency ESP performance

The DELTA WINGTM advanced static gas mixer increases the efficiency of gas handling equipment by homogenising the inflow of process gas along with any conditioning agents.

The function of the DELTA WING static mixing system is based on extensive stationary vortices that are generated on the leading edges of shaped plates.

The outcome of installing is improved dust removal from the flue gas and a stronger performing system.


Key Features

  • Fitted in accordance with equipment requirements based on 3D model tests
  • Suited to multiple equipment incorporating gas flows such as SCR, FGD, ESP, flue gas heat exchanger, boiler, stacks, silencers


  • Improved flow through equipment by up to 75% minimising flow separation
  • Static gas mixing to address flow issues
  • Improved in-flow by better distribution of dust across whole ESP cross section
  • Flow improvements avoids settlement of dust/particles in sections of the ESP
  • Gaseous or liquid absorbents and reactants (e.g. NH3 or SO3) can be injected into the flue gas

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