Tundish Pre-Heaters & Dryers

Supplying the Steel industry with a variety of Tundish Heating Equipment

Tundish pre-heaters/dryers are offered for vertical firing with either Hydraulic or Electro-mechanical drives to lift the heater cover clear of the Tundish.

Tundishes are normally fired in the vertical position with the burners firing straight down into the Tundish.

Tundish Heaters can be designed as multi-burner units to match 'stream' requirements and are individually customized to meet tundish layouts and dimensions.Heaters are offered both as 'full cover' or partial 'pod' design to match customers cover configurations.

Combustion blowers are mounted on the rear of the Tundish heater to provide partial counterweight.

Air passageway is often provided by the heater cover support structure which minimizes pressure drop and also provides cooling for the structure.

Tundish Dryer control systems are designed to provide graduated heat-up patterns to match refractory dry-out program requirements.

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